Thursday, April 19, 2018

300 Miles by Patrick Mangan

Author: Patrick Mangan
Publisher:  Painted Hearts Publishing
Genre: MM, contemporary  
Pages: 129
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Connor’s week-long camping vacation in eastern Oregon takes a turn in the wrong direction when his car breaks down at a scenic location in the middle of nowhere. Things quickly get back on track when Jared, a local mechanic, passes by, offering to give him a ride into the small nearby town and fix up his car.

Jared, a gay, closeted mechanic from a small town, finds himself quickly attracted to Connor, the middle school math teacher from the big city on the other side of the state. A quick, sexy fling leads both men into lustful desire for more, but reality hammers home as Connor’s car is fixed and he is due back home for work.

How do two men living 300 miles apart, one out and proud in a big city, and the other closeted in a small rural town, come together to build something that resembles a real relationship? Can the two find patience with each other and the hours of highway between them, or do they give into the frustrations of physical and emotional distances as they struggle to build a relationship that can work for both of them? 

300 Miles by Patrick Mangan is a really super good read. I loved the pacing on this book. It is a slow burn build up. Has very strong memorable characters.  The town itself is cute and felt like a place I would love to visit.
Connor has left the big city and headed out camping. He is states away from home and his car breaks down. He has his dog with him. He ends up walking to find help cause he is in the middle of nowhere.
Jared is a small-town mechanic and a man with a great heart. He ends up rescuing Connor and his dog. He owns his own shop and offers to help fix Connor’s car. The chemistry between these two is at friendship level at this point.
I liked the simmering romance. It is not a full-on attack but a slow burn that creeps up on you. I liked that both men are really nice people they are not overly anything.  I found that fun and refreshing to read.
Overall if you are a true romantic like me this is a fun easy read I really enjoyed.

                                     Five Shooting Stars 

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