Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wolf’s Mate: Nine Month Mission by Celia Kyle

Title:  Wolf’s Mate: Nine Month Mission
Series:   Shifter Rogues, 1.5
Author:  Celia Kyle
Publisher:   Celia Kyle
Genre and Pairing:  Paranormal and M/F
Page Count:  80 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb 
Werewolf Declan Reed’s mate is lying to him. Not outright, but a lie by omission is enough to tweak his tail and anger his wolf.  Abby is pregnant and she still hasn’t told him about the baby. He’s given her time, but the moment he gets her alone, he’s going to demand answers.  

The trick is finding her alone because his mate has been adopted as an honorary sister to the rest of Declan’s Shifter Operations Command—SHOC—team.  That means that when they’re not on a mission, he’s got at least one team member—sometimes more—at his home.

Thankfully, Declan is a highly trained SHOC agent. If he has to kidnap his own mate to get some privacy, he’ll do what needs to be done.

~~This short story is set in the SHIFTER ROGUES world and does not stand alone. It should be read after WOLF'S MATE and is a little bit of family life for those who fell in love with the SHIFTER ROGUES guys and aren’t ready to let them go.~~

Declan and Abby are mated and living in their brand new home only with no privacy.  To make matters worse Abby has a secret and Declan doesn’t like it.  Stealing time with his mate is the only way to get time with his mate and bring her secret to light.

Wolf’s Mate: Nine Months Mission is part of Celia Kyle’s Shifter Rogue series.  I enjoyed seeing a bit of Abby and Declan’s world after we got their happily ever after.  Declan and Abby’s home has become SHOC team central.  Finding time for Declan and Abby to have private moments to talk is a dream.  I love that Ms. Kyle gave Declan a “mission”…a personal one but a mission all the same.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the team interact with the only member with a mate.  Ms. Kyle continued their irreverence even as she showed us the love they had for each other.  This story is funny and loving.  And I can’t wait to see who is next in their happiness.

                                 Five Shooting Stars 

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