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Tempting Montana by Parker Kincade

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Title:  Tempting Montana
Series:   Brotherhood Protectors Kindle World; The Martin Family, 4
Author:  Parker Kincade
Publisher:   Parker Kincade
Genre and Pairing:  Contemporary and M/F
Page Count:  99 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb 

1 pissed off former Marine
1 ex-wife

Shake well.

Recipe for disaster … or for a second chance that will leave them both breathless?

* * *

Hot off a rescue mission, Booker “The Spaniard” Maldano wants nothing more than to go home to Montana and sleep until his next assignment. Before the blood even dries from his injuries, his next assignment presents itself … in the form of his ex-wife—the woman who divorced him twelve years ago without explanation.

If Ellie King could have picked the day to end her estrangement from her ex-husband, the day she lands in the emergency room wouldn’t have been it. She has enough problems to worry about—like figuring out who broke into her house and knocked her around, and why he thought she had the flash drive he was looking for.

After a near miss with a black SUV in the hospital parking lot, it’s clear Ellie needs protection and Booker is just the man for the job. And while he’s at it, he damn well intends to find out why she left him all those years ago.

Old feelings run deep, and new longings refuse to be denied. But if Booker and Ellie are going to have a chance at a future, they will have to first confront their past … and the evil that lurks in the shadows.

Booker has not seen his ex-wife since he was divorced.  But when he sees her again he never expected it to be in the hospital.  With her life in danger can they move beyond their past?

Tempting Montana by Parker Kincade is part of the Brotherhood Protector Kindle World but also fourth in her Martin Family series.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Booker and Ellie.  They had a history but lack of love was not the cause of their break-up.  I love that Ms. Kincade allowed Ellie and Booker to assess what went wrong even as they searched for answers.  They were young when they married and time allowed them to view their past with a bit of maturity.  I love that Ms. Kincade made it obvious that a lack of love did not destroy their marriage.  I loved seeing them communicate in spite of the danger stalking them.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Ellie and Booker and hope that Ms. Kincade will return to the deadly seven in the future.

                     Five Shooting Stars 

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