Thursday, March 15, 2018

Star Dust Award : Jace's Trial by JM Wolf

Series: Trials of Abingdon, 1
Author:  JM Wolf
Publisher:  Encompass Inc
Genre: MM, contemporary
Pages: 281
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Life is a trial full of obstacles that stand between you and your goals. Do you have the courage to face your own trial?

Jace Garrison was a musical prodigy at Juilliard ready to take the world by storm. Everything he could ever want out of life was unfolding right before his eyes, until everything came crashing down at once.
With his muse gone, along with everything he loved, will Jace find the courage to move on?

Former Navy SEAL Gerard Ramhart had always played by his family's rules and traditions. Until he fell in love with Riley Garrison. Unfortunately, before Gerard had the courage to propose to the man he loved, Riley's life was taken away. Gerard was left devastated, with only his memories of Riley and the pain of losing him to keep him going.

One year after Riley's death, Gerard finally makes it to Riley's hometown in Abingdon, Virginia and meets his son Jace for the very first time. Two men grieving over the loss they shared, and during their time of heartache, something blossoms. Can Gerard help Jace find the will to live the life he's meant to have? And can Jace find his muse and accept his feelings for Gerard, despite the fact that Gerard once belonged to his father?
This book contains content of physical and mental abuse, grieving, and bottled emotions.

* This is Book 1 in the series, but can be read as a standalone story- no cliffhangers.*

Jace’s Trial by JM Wolf is the first book in the Trials of Abingdon series.  Here we meet Jace and Gerard.
 Gerard: Coming back home after losing the love of his life Gerard is here for his father’s funeral.
Jace is dropped out of Juliard because of an obsessive abusive teacher. He now works two jobs and wants to just be a part of the woodwork. He has not touched the music he loves in a long time and is really depressed. He has a lot to deal with.
Gerard is the perfect person to help Jace deal. He is kind, loving, and needs Jace as much as the younger man needs him.
I loved this story, so much emotion, and connection. This book has a ton going on but it flows seamlessly into a cohesive story that I am in love with.  I cannot wait for there to be more from this series, I would love to see what happens next and who falls in love.

              Star Dust award and Five Shooting Stars 

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