Friday, March 9, 2018

Morgan's Fate by Dana Marie Bell

Title:  Morgan’s Fate
Series:   True Destiny, 4
Author:  Dana Marie Bell
Publisher:   Dana Marie Bell
Genre and Pairing:  Paranormal and M/F
Page Count:  159 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb 
He’ll grab hold of his Fate and never let go.
True Destiny Book 4

Morgan and Magnus Grimm return from their search for Skuld, Norn of the Future, only to find that she's been living under their noses this whole time. Morgan finally has the woman of his dreams in his grasp and nothing—not amnesia, not Odin, not even the death of his father—will prevent him from claiming the Fate he's wanted for centuries.
Skylar Kincade is lost among these crazy people who swear that they're the old Norse gods. But... there's something that strikes an undeniable chord deep within her. Is there truth to what they say? And if so, what does that mean for her and her undeniable attraction to Morgan?
Her memories return, dealing herself and her new friends a devastating blow. In order to save them, she's changed all their fates, including her own. The powers that had once made her Skuld, Norn of the Future, have disappeared, taken from her in retaliation for her actions.
When a mission to rescue one of Logan's children goes wrong, it will bring home just how lucky Morgan is to have finally claimed his Fate.

Morgan has always loved Skuld, but it was not meant to be…until it was.  Sky is human or is she?  She has always had visions but are they more?
Morgan’s Fate is fourth in Dana Marie Bell’s True Destiny series.  I enjoyed getting to know Morgan better.  He has been intertwined with his twin up to this point so I was glad that Ms. Bell was ready to show us him as an individual.  Skye has lost her life not once but twice.  Everything she thought she knew as an illusion and learning to trust isn’t easy.  I love that Ms. Bell did not make her coming into this crazy fold immediate.  Skye had to find her way and with Morgan’s support she is. 

This story continues to build upon the layers Ms. Bell has crafted.  It definitely need to be read in chronological order.  Ms. Bell answers some things while raising even more questions.  This story is enjoyable and well written.  I can’t wait to see where Ms. Bell will take us next.

                       Five Shooting Stars 

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