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Men of Honor: Jake by Marteeka Karland

Title:  Men of Honor: Jake
Series:  Louisville Heroes, 2
Author:  Marteeka Karland
Publisher:   Marteeka Karland
Genre and Pairing:  Contemporary and M/F
Page Count:  120 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb 
***NOTE*** Men of Honor: Jake is the second book in a NEW SPIN OFF of the popular Heroes: The Carver Brothers series. Come see what the wicked men of Louisville Kentucky are up to!
A warrior in a band of brothers...
Jake Carver and his brothers have found their niche in life with Hawthorn Securities. Brothers by blood and of the sword, they've banded together to make a formidable force. Linda Hawthorn might work for Louisville vice, but Jake sees in her the strength and intelligence to become part of their team. He also has plans to make her his own. Too bad Linda doesn't know.

A stunning beauty in a man's world...
Being part of an elite paramilitary force has its perks, but Linda can't help but feel like that's Jakes way of better keeping her under his "safe" thumb. Her first thought? Fuck that. One rash decision throws Linda headlong into Mexico and a cartel's stronghold with Jake and the rest of Hawthorn Securities hot on her tail.

Dynamite comes in small packages...
When past indiscretions come back to haunt the team, Jake realizes his boss's agenda involves more than simply cutting off the drug traffic to Louisville, Kentucky. Linda is determined to prove she's as capable as the one man she can't seem to resist. Jake already knows she's one of his team. The only thing he must convince her of is her own worth...and just how good they can be together.

Jake knows that Linda is his.  But convincing her will take a bit of effort.  Good thing he has an ace up his sleeve.

Men of Honor: Jake is part of Marteeka Karland’s Louisville Heroes series.  I really like Jake Carver.  He knows that Linda is his and he is determined to let her know it.  He appreciated the kick-ass woman she is.  I love that he wants her to be the best she can.  I also find it a bit hysterical that Ms. Karland has flipped the switch in that Linda is running away from the emotions Jake brings out in her.  While Jake is comfortable in knowing she is his future, Linda runs even toward danger. I love Jake and Linda together.  Ms. Karland has given us a quick enjoyable read and I can’t wait to see who will fall next.

                                Five Shooting Stars

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