Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Master of Magic by Angela Knight

Title:  Master of Magic
Author:  Angela Knight
Publisher:   Penguin Publishing
Genre and Pairing:  Paranormal and M/F
Page or Word Count:  178 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb 
Return to New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight’s Mageverse in this never-before-published novella about a man with mysterious abilities and a hidden past—and the woman who must help him decipher his secrets.

Olivia Flynn finds herself on the brink of death, unable to call upon her Sidhe magic, when a handsome stranger rescues her. But this male is no ordinary human, and Olivia wants nothing to do with him. The foreign magic boiling around him is far beyond the power of even the Sidhe.   

Rhys Kincade has never been able to explain his magical abilities. Olivia is the first person he’s encountered who shares his gifts. But before he can ask her about them, they find themselves under attack by a pack of werewolf assassins. An even deadlier threat follows, and the pair is forced to rely on each other as they fight unknown enemies—and an ever-growing attraction between them.

Olivia has lived a very long time. She has lived and learned so that she can avenge her husband and child.  So finding herself kidnapped and placed out in the elements to die isn’t how she envisioned her life ending.  When Rhys rescues her can she moved past vengeance and grasp a future?

Master of Mage by Angela Knight is loosely connected to her Mageverse world.  I really enjoyed Rhys.  He knew he was different even if he didn’t understand what he is.  And then he meets Olivia, who is much more proficient with her magic.  He doesn’t have to worry quite so much about unintentionally harming her.  I love that Ms. Knight kind of flips the script between Rhys and Olivia.  Olivia needs to teach him even if he has way more power than her.  I loved that Rhys was willing to learn even as they searched to find out who he is and why he is in danger.  This story was full of twists and turns.  Rhys’ very foundation is rocked as he learns more about himself.  Will Olivia remain by his side?  I love that Ms. Knight kept us guessing.  I thoroughly enjoyed their journey as well as re-visiting a world I love. 

                                  Five Shooting Stars 

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