Sunday, March 11, 2018

Inborn Magic by Kim McDougall

Title: Inborn Magic
Series: Hidden Coven Series, 1
Author: Kim McDougall
Publisher: Castelane
Pages: 105
Genre/Pairing: Paranormal and Urban Fantasy/Romance, M+F
Reviewer Name: Vela
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Publisher’s Blurb
Welcome to the Hidden Coven. Tucked away in the rugged hills of Pennsylvania is a unique village; a mix of medieval and modern, dark and light, guided by a mad seer and hidden from the mundane world by dangerous magic. As ley-lines swell, and magic spills back into the world, keeping this coven a secret becomes a race against dark forces who would take the power of the witches for their own.

Bobbi Cole’s first attempt at spell-casting leaves her paralyzed, and only the High Priestess of the Hidden Coven can help. Quinn Mason, head of security for the coven, doesn’t want Bobbi around. He doesn’t trust strangers. Not when a demonic force is looking for a way inside the coven’s defenses to steal their most valuable resource: magic. Bobbi will have to battle Quinn’s mistrust and her own insecurities to get a firm grip on her magic, and do it before the witches face their ultimate enemy.

In Inborn Magic: Hidden Coven Series book 1 by Kim McDougall, Bobbi Cole’s first attempt at casting a spell results in her being paralyzed, helpless. Apparently, the only people who can help her is mysterious sexy Quinn and a coven of witches hidden from the world in a secret coven.
Quinn is a stern mysterious man with experience in magic. He doesn’t trust easily and ever since meeting the novice Bobbi, he worked hard to guard his heart and his knowledge of magic from her. But when a demon threatens the hidden coven, it may take more than him to save them all.
The author did a wonderful job with descriptive detail when writing this story and kept the reader hooked from beginning to end. I really loved how headstrong the author made the leading female character and how she persevered through different challenges in the book.
The only thing I could say against this book is how short it was due to being a wonderful read.

                                  Five Shooting Stars 

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