Friday, March 9, 2018

Hide and Seek by Dana Marie Bell

Title:  Hide and Seek
Series:   True Destiny, 6
Author:  Dana Marie Bell
Publisher:   Dana Marie Bell
Genre and Pairing:  Paranormal and M/F
Page Count:  164 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb 
There’s nowhere she can hide from his love.
True Destiny Book 6

Antonia “Toni” Mancinelli, former cop and newborn Valkyrie, has agreed to look for a missing Goddess. An easy thing for a tough, South Philly cop, right? 
Ha. Nothing with this crew is easy, and Toni has discovered that the least easy of them all is determined to take over her life. Worse, no one can find who took Sydney, not even a man who can observe the whole world at once: Heimdall, the Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge. Without his help the odds of finding the missing Goddess will be nearly impossible, but resisting his advances will take the case from difficult to downright insane.
Nikolas de Witt, aka Heimdall, fell in love with Toni the moment he met her, but like the Valkyrie she is she's fought him valiantly at every step. Using his missing friend's disappearance to smooth his way with his lady love would be considered reprehensible if he wasn’t aware that Toni cared for him right back. His skittish female might think she can hide her heart from him, but there's nothing in this world or any other that will stop him from claiming what is his.
Swords and sorcery dodge their steps. Nik must save the girl to get his woman, or everything he’s worked so hard for could be lost.

Toni has been dropped into a world most mortals are unaware exist.  She has tried to remain separate but when her help is needed she can’t refuse.  Now if only she can resist Nik.

Hide and Seek is the latest installment in Dana Marie Bell’s True Destiny series.  I really like Toni.  She is a force to be reckoned with even as a human surrounded by Gods.  She refuses to let her being mortal stop her from her job.  I love that she manages to bother Nik without trying.  She completes him but is fighting it.  And I love their battles.  But Nik…I adore Nik.  He seems so alone.  He is the “Guardian” and that takes a toll.  I love that Ms. Bell allowed us and Toni to see the very nature of Nik.  While he has not had the trust of this dysfunctional family it is clear he has their back, even if they can’t see that.  And I hurt for Nik.  Toni gives Nik someone who sees him and I am glad that Ms. Bell gave him that.  I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to this series.  I loved seeing how this family comes together.  It is well written and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

                                    Five Shooting Stars 

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