Friday, March 9, 2018

Going Green by Celia Kyle

Title:  Going Green
Series:   Vialea, 2
Author:  Celia Kyle
Publisher:   Celia Kyle
Genre and Pairing:  Paranormal and M/F
Page Count:  165 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb 
How far will Rhea go to escape Earth? Mate a big, bad (in the best ways), and occasionally green alien.
Rhea is leaving Earth and nothing will stop her. Not her controlling governor father, her asshole ex-fiancé, or the Department of Population who want to impregnate her. Which is why she contacts the one organization out of their reach—Celestial Mates. A questionnaire and blood sample later and Rhea is matched to a hunky, deliciously tempting, and alluring alien.
Erudan—once known as Teon, brother to the High Warlord of Vialea—did not register with Celestial Mates. Or rather, he’d never submitted his application. Yet a curvaceous, dark haired, green eyed human stands before him and demands they mate. Immediately. He lost his honor long ago and doesn’t deserve a female like the seductive Rhea, but that does not stop the wanting.
Unfortunately, others from Earth want her returned and Erudan is happy to show them the error of their ways. No one challenges a Vian warrior… and lives.

Rhea is taking control of her future and her body.  She has contracted to be a mate and she is leaving Earth.  But when she arrives at her new home does fate have different plans?

Going Green by Celia Kyle is second in her Vialea series.  It can be read as a standalone.  I really enjoyed Rhea.  She was determined to have a future of her making not what her father has bought and paid for.  Finding out her mate doesn’t want her stops her in her tracks…but not for long.  I loved that Ms. Kyle gave us a female willing to fight for her future, especially as she gets to know Erudan.  I adored Erudan.  He was harder on himself than anyone ever would be.  He made himself into a better and more honorable man.  He fought what Rhea meant to him because he felt undeserving, but Ms. Kyle would never give us such a male and Erudan is no different.  Convincing him is half the fun, for Rhea and us.  This is an enjoyable quick read which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I hope that Ms. Kyle will return to this world in the future.

                              Five Shooting Stars 

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