Friday, March 9, 2018

Finding Hope by Trinity Blacio

Title:  Finding Hope
Series:  Running in Fear, 10
Author:  Trinity Blacio
Publisher:   Riverdale Avenue Books
Genre and Pairing:  Paranormal and M/F/M/M, M/F/M and M/F
Page Count:  218 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb 
Hope Catcher had seen it all—from the fall of the world as she had known it to monsters from her nightmares becoming her reality, but somehow she had managed to survive.

From an early age, Hope had learned to depend on herself. All she every wanted was a family to love. How was she supposed to know that three blue men—three very big huge men--were her future? Or that she was the fifth woman who was destined to save everyone. Talk about pressure!

Gourd Windura and his partners, Jester and Fand, had trained all their lives to be the best warriors they could be, and when one of their enemies kidnapped his family, death is the only thing on his mind. What these men never expected was to find their chosen one, a Little Bear with three cubs, on this dangerous mission. Not only had she stolen their heart, but she taught them that even small packages could be fierce in love and battle.

Together the four of them face their new lives. United, as their family grows by leaps, so does their love for all of those around them.

Hope knew the world would become dangerous but no one believed her.  Now she protects the siblings she has taken as her own.  But when a new danger arises will Hope trust in the men destined to be hers?
Finding Hope is the last installment of Trinity Blacio's Running in Fear series.  I really like Hope.  She has been forgotten and marginalized but that did not stop her from opening her heart to the children her bear has made their own.  I love that Ms. Blacio gave us a fierce man who had the skills to protect and provide for her little family.  And the men fated to be hers were fierce as well.  They would do whatever is necessary to protect not only her body but her heart as well.  I enjoyed Gourd, Jester, and Fand.  They each brought something different to Hope but together they made her feel safe and wanted. 

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Hope blossom as her past collide with her present.  This story by Ms. Blacio was an enjoyable read and I hate to see this series end.

                                     Five Shooting Stars 

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