Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cutting Cords by Morticia Knight

Title:  Cutting Cords
Series: Kiss of Leather, 6
Author: Morticia Knight
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: MM, BDSM, Contemporary
Pages: 151
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Liam yearns for Master Neal’s harsh touch, but Neal fears that a part-time Master can’t give a full-time sub everything he needs.

Liam’s world crumbled after the unexpected death of his Master. Prone to panic attacks and other social anxiety, Liam doesn’t believe he’ll ever find another Master who would be willing to take on such a challenged sub fulltime. Too distraught to go back to Club Consequence where he met the man he thought he’d be with forever, he decides to give Kiss of Leather a try.

After doing a piercing gig at Kiss of Leather, Master Neal signs up to become a member. On the night he performs a demo as the final step to being accepted, he meets a sub who brings out his protective urge and makes his heart come alive. Neal isn’t scared off by Liam’s anxiety or social awkwardness. On the contrary, he finds the sub to be refreshingly honest and endearing.

They try out a scene to see if they’ll click, and their connection is everything they’d both hoped it could be. However, the road to love and a Total Power Exchange isn’t an easy one. Neal still hasn’t discovered all there is to know about Liam’s traumatic upbringing, and he’s not sure if he’d ultimately be the right Master for Liam.

Both men are forced to face the truth about love, life and what it means to share it with another person. But before Liam can start over with Neal, he’ll have to cut the cords to his past and trust that Neal will be there to catch him when he does.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to a traumatic and abusive upbringing.

Publisher's Note: This book is best read in sequence, as part of a series.

Pre-order Date: 11th April 2017
Available exclusively to Pride Publishing: 25th April 2017
General Release Date: 23rd May 2017

Cutting Cords by author Morticia Knight is the sixth book in the Kiss of Leather series.  This one is very emotionally charged. Liam is a Sub. His Master died. He is well provided for but he is a live in 24/7 Sub. He needs a new Master. He is still grieving his old one. But thinks he could move on.
Master Neal is not looking for a full-time Sub. He is more of a laid back not so formal Master. He tattoos and pierces for a living.  He is drawn to Liam.  But he doesn’t know if he is the right Master for a Sub like Liam.
Liam has a ton of anxiety. He has panic attacks and is very shy. The mind wanders off and he will blurt out his thoughts.
He might seem flaky and off out of this world, but he is the kind of Sub who will do anything for his Master. Even learn to be a little different.
There is also the introduction of Tai the sassy sub sorta well we will meet him again and know more about him then but he has the sass that is for sure.
Overall these series should be read in order everything builds on the previous stories. There are great depth and story building in this whole series. I highly recommend it, I know I am always waiting impatiently for more to come out.

                                Five Shooting Stars

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