Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Beast Betrayed by L.L. Brooks

Series: Black Mesa, 4
Author:  L.L. Brooks
Publisher: Painted Hearts Publishing
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 147
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Daniel thought Brand was joking when he talked of vampires, until one, burning up from the sun, ran into the barn.

Raymond begged for help to save a child, saying a previous acquaintance of Brand’s had given his name. When Brand was taken, Daniel didn’t know why or which one had betrayed them: Raymond or the one who gave Brand’s name. He didn’t know who to trust, only that he had to save his mate, but could he? Alone?

Could he survive losing Brand if he failed?

Beast Betrayed by author L.L. Brooks is the fourth book in the Black Mesa series. This series must be read in order. It builds on previous books and has characters from previous books.    Very much a story already in progress.
Daniel is human. He thought the wolves were joking about vampires. That is till one shows up needing help.
What I liked about Daniel in this story is I felt like he was very much how I was feeling reading the book. Like he was speaking for me the reader.  I also liked his spirit and his bravery. He might get a ton thrown at him but he really is not the kind of person that needs to be saved.
Brand his mate or Daniel is Brand’s mate.  He is not as trusting as Daniel.  When he gets abducted it is Daniel who saves him.
I liked seeing an alpha type character be the one rescued. I also like where the over all story is going now.  You get to see Silver and Cruz again along with a few others. 
While this is very much a middle book, I loved this story and cannot wait for more from this series in the future.

                                       Five Shooting Stars

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