Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Taken by the MC by Devyn Douglas

Title: Taken by the MC
Series: Penetrators MC, Part One
Author: Devyn Douglas
Publisher: After Glows Publishing
Genre: MFM MC Bikers
Pages: 113
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Sometimes you have to get dirty…

There’s no one dirtier than the local MC.

Harmony's used to her mom's BS hitting her doorstep. She's mastered saving her mom's ass, but her latest stunt might get them both killed. The local drug dealer, as well as the Mexican Mafia, want blood. Unfortunately, the sexy MC President wants more from Harmony. To keep them both breathing, she'll work off the debt—on her knees. A slave to the MC.

No one was ever supposed to find out about Harmony’s darkest fantasies—but the Penetrators MC has, and they intend to fulfill every dirty detail

Taken by the MC is the first part in the Penetrators MC series by author Devyn Douglas. I liked this gritty tale very much. Kind of raunchy and rough but I liked that about it. What makes it a gritty book.
Harmony has a druggie as mother. Her mother has always made Harmony clean up her messes. When the Penetrators come hunting for her mother she finds out her mother owes them big time. She has always wanted the leader Ray. But they have left her alone in favor of her mother. But now she might get more than she bargained for because not only does Ray notice her but his second in command Max does too.
Ray is the leader of the Penetrators. He is a rough man with a huge heart. He wants Harmony but he doesn't want to taint her.
Max on the other hand wants Harmony any way he can get her. She pushes all of his buttons hard. Max is a good man with a huge heart as well.
Both men would be great matches for Harmony. I personally liked Max and her the most. But both men bring a little something to the table.
This story does not have a clean ending but I would like to read more in this world. I hope there are more parts in the future. 

                                  Four Twinkling Stars 

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