Thursday, July 13, 2017

Single Weretiger DILF by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Title: Single Weretiger DILF
Author: Lizzie Lynn Lee
Publisher: Lizzie Lynn Lee
Genre: MF Paranormal
Pages: 115
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
All curvaceous weretigress Juliette Crabtree ever wanted was a family of her own. When her marriage crumbled apart and she discovered that she couldn’t conceive, Juliette’s heart froze forever. She withdrew from her clan and chose a solitary life—away from other shifters, making sweets in her confiserie, hoping that someday the candies she made would chase away the bitterness in her heart.

Wilhelm was the alpha of his clan and a successful businessman. There were two things he wanted from the curvaceous she-tiger who rented space in his building: 1) he wanted Juliette to date him. 2) He wanted Juliette to open a confectionary boutique shop in his new shopping mall.

But Wilhelm soon finds Juliette lives up to her nickname, “The Subzero Queen.” She isn’t interested in him, romance, or opening a new shop.

When tragedy strikes Wilhelm’s brother and his mate, leaving their twin baby cubs in his care, Juliette miraculously opens her heart when she finds out he became a dad overnight. Can Wilhelm convince Juliette that the family she wanted can be a reality?

Single Weretiger DILF by Lizzie Lynn Lee is a cute fast paced paranormal story I really loved reading. Ms. Lee always brings me stories with great happy endings and this one is no exception. I love the humor and love inside these pages.
Juliette she just wants a family of her own. Her marriage fell apart when her husband found out she could not have children. She withdrew from her clan and leads a solitary life.
She is a great character who has a ton of love to give. She just never had the right opportunity to show it to someone.
Wilhelm is the Alpha of his clan. Successful businessman with his sights set on Juliette.
When his brother and his mate die, Wilhelm has custody of their twins. Juliette tries to resist Wilhelm but she cannot resist the cute twins who need her. How long before she falls for the father of these adorable little ones, after all how long can a heart resist what it really wants?
I loved this story. The ending is perfect. Really spoke to the romantic inside of me. I would love to read more books by Ms. Lee I love falling in love and happy endings.

                                  Five Shooting Stars

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