Monday, July 10, 2017

No Distance by Jake Evans

Title: No Distance
Author: Jake Evans
Publisher: CWG Publishers
Genre: MM, Military Romance
Pages: 87
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Zach McKinney was a man on the move. He had a past to hide from and every few years, he would find a new place to lay his head. This time around he was living in Paris and working in a bar a few blocks from an Army base. The regular stream of women kept him busy and kept up his cover to Zach’s secret. Zach was gay and even though he dated many women, taking them home for the night, he was far more attracted to men. But he knew that the attraction was wrong, had been told since he was young that it was and now he couldn’t think anything else. This left Zach unable to be who he truly was or love who he truly wanted to. Zach had never dated a man, not even close, until he met Theo and he turned his life upside down. Theo didn’t feel shame for his preference and Zach started to feel the same way. Maybe it was okay to be who he was, if for no one else but Theo. Everything changed when Theo came into his life

No Distance by Jake Evans is a fast pasted military romance. I really liked reading this one. It is a great read for anyone who likes MM and military romances.
Zach is a bartender at Leo's bar. He is bi sexual. And never has trouble with the ladies at all. He is also running from a secret from his past. One that could hurt him.
Theo is a sort of out. He is in the army. Uses the don't ask don't tell policy. But he wants the sexy bartender and is not above trying anything he can to make the man notice him.
While the chemistry is very good in this story, I did find a few flaws with knowledge of the military. That can be brush aside if you are not like me an a former military wife.
Over all a fairly good story and I would love to read more from this author in the future.

                             Four Twinkling Stars

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