Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Marked by Ella Primrose

Title: Marked
Author: Ella Primrose
Publisher: Ella Primrose
Genre: MM. Erotic Romance
Pages: 30
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
MM Spy Thriller! *This is an Erotica Romance Short Story*
Nicolas Darkwater has a hundred lives in his memory, back-stories, pain and regret and the names of people who never actually existed. But he can’t remember much of his own past, only fragments of a nightmare that replays itself over and over in his mind. He was trained to be merciless and unforgiving, an assassin, a spy, but when his path crosses with his new assignment, Theodore Morgan, he is exposed to long-held secrets and begins to second guess everything he knows. Deep under covers with Theodore Morgan, Nicolas struggles with the truth but he must fight against the lingering memories and use his years of training if he is going to finish the task he was assigned to complete; to kill Theodore Morgan.


Marked is an erotic romance by author Ella Primrose. What happens when a spy has to kill the man he loves?
Nicolas is trained to be a merciless unforgiving assassin, a spy who has no memory.
Theodore has a talent too. Seduction. When these two meet they are bound to have sparks and bullets flying.
Over all really loved this story, has action, adventure, and hot man love heat. It does have a cliff hanger ending. I did like though this is a well rounded out story. If not for the cliff hanger ending I would really super love this one. I would love to read more about these two men in the future and see where they go in life and love.

                            Four Twinkling Stars


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