Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jared's Family by V.S. Morgan

Title: Jared’s Family
Author: V. S. Morgan
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/M
Page Count: 90 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
After witnessing his mother’s death, a once outgoing preschooler is now a quiet shadow of himself. The little boy suffers nightmares and rarely speaks, choosing to use the basic sign language he learned in daycare. Desperate to help his little nephew, Virge Stevens takes a leave of absence from the LAPD to bring Donovan, known as D to Montana for the therapy he needs. 
A chance meeting at the library changes Virge and his nephew’s lives forever. 
Jared Malone is one of five brothers, right smack damn in the middle. He is the peacemaker and the one who gets shit done. When his younger brother gets sick, Jared fills in reading to small children at the library. There he encounters a tall, dark, and handsome stranger and his cute little boy. Jared is immediately drawn to Virge but is still dealing with the betrayal of an abusive ex. 
As the Malone family welcomes them to the ranch and into their lives, Virge’s instant attraction for Jared grows, but the cowboy is fifteen years younger than him. Will he be rejected? 
Both men have secrets. Secrets that could destroy the connection between them. Can they overcome the odds and find happiness together?  

Virge has uprooted his life for his nephew. D hasn’t spoken since witnessing his mother’s death and his best chance to heal is in Montana. But has moving to Montana given Virge more than he anticipated?
Jared’s Family by V. S. Morgan is a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jared and his family. I mean, who wouldn’t love hot cowboys with hearts of gold? D has attached himself to not only my heart but also the Malone family. I loved the kindness Ms. Morgan gave us with this family. They didn’t know Virge or D but opened their home to them. I loved seeing Jared learn to trust again. He was hurt and had more than physical scars to overcome before he can give his heart to Virge. I loved that both Virge and Jared had baggage. Virge’s may have been a bit more obvious but Ms. Morgan did not allow his pain to be the only focus in this budding relationship. I enjoyed seeing D come out of his shell even as his Uncle put aside his fears. This story is full of emotional depth and love. I thoroughly look forward to reading more from this author.

                            Five Shooting Stars

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