Monday, July 10, 2017

Hybrid by Shannon West and TS McKinney

Title: Hybrid
Series: Darker Hollow, 1
Author: Shannon West and TS Mckinney
Publisher: Painted Hearts Publishing
Genre: MM, MMM Paranormal
Pages: 152
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Jax’s little brother Mason is all grown up and finds himself longing for a life of adventure. He finds it in a way he never planned late one night while walking home to the lodge beneath a full moon, when he is attacked, bitten, and left for dead by a huge black werewolf. As he’s dying and all hope is fading, he is discovered on the trail and believes he’s being saved. Instead, he’s bitten a second time, and this time by a vampire, who first drains him of the remainder of his blood and then feeds him his own. It restores Mason’s life, but the vampires take him to their mountain stronghold in Virginia, where he’s confronted again by Valerian, the leader of the vampire coven and the one who saved him. The vampire is both seductive and beautiful, and convinces a confused and traumatized Mason that they’re lovers. Mason finds himself in the middle of an ancient war between the vampires and the Dire werewolves, and during a raid, he’s captured by the wolf who first bit him, a strong alpha named Finn. Finn is powerfully attracted to him too, but Mason is changing, becoming something not quite wolf and not quite vampire—a new creature with powers of his own. In order to find himself, he has to learn the truth of what’s happening to him, and discover who his enemies and his allies really are. He has to learn to fight for his happiness even if it means making an unholy alliance to find true love.

Hybrid by Shannon West and TS McKinney is the first book in the Darker Hollow series. I am so on the fence about a lot of what happens in this book. I truly feel there should be warnings on this one. Dubious consent being one of them. I get the idea the authors were going for, more edgy theme, but I feel it could have been achieved without making me feel a character is being forced against their knowing will. However I did like the chemistry and connection. I feel this is a series I would like to see explored more too.
Mason is a human raised by wolves. He is walking home when he is attacked by a wolf. The wolf leaves him. He gets rescued. But his rescuer might not be the knight in shining armor he needs. He is a young character, sweet, caring and lost. He loses his memory and with that all he knows about wolves and vampires. This also is very dangerous as he soon finds out.
Valerian is a vampire. He is not sure why he saves the human. He just knows he needs to bind him to him. Valerian has a passionate nature. Manipulative and dangerous. He is a survivor. He cannot resist the human who cannot even remember his name.
Finn when he rescues Mason from the vampires he finds his mate. But his mate hates him. And if I was Mason I would hate him too. Luckily he does redeem himself in this book. But at first I was not loving the alpha who wanted to get his way no matter what the cost to Mason's psyche. Once he accepts himself though Finn is more than a likeable character.
Overall I really liked this one, it does have some questionable moments in it. But I would like to see where this series goes in the future.

                                Four Twinkling Stars

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