Friday, July 14, 2017

Grizzly Mountain by Becca Jameson

Title: Grizzly Mountain
Series: Arcadian Bears, 1
Author: Becca Jameson
Publisher: The Hartwood Publishing Group LLC
Genre: MM Paranormal
Pages: 320
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Heather Simmons is excited to start a new job in Alberta, Canada, as a glaciologist. But when a minor accident leaves her trapped on a hiking trail overnight, she finds herself facing a burly mountain man and a pair of grizzly bears. From that moment forward, things could not get weirder.

Isaiah Arthur knows instinctively that Heather is his mate the moment he scents her clothing before heading up the mountain to rescue her. The sensation is confusing since she is obviously human, and converting a human to his species is strictly forbidden.

A rogue shifter takes Heather’s transition out of Isaiah’s hands, however. Isaiah is left with no choice but to take her home and find a way to inform her of her unintended fate, while fighting the intense need to make her his as soon as possible.

The North American governing body, the Arcadian Council, is not amused by the rare turning of a human, and chaos ensues as Isaiah races against the clock to bind his mate to him forever before someone steps in the way and takes the opportunity out of his hands.

Grizzly Mountain is the first book in the Arcadian Bears series by author Becca Jameson. I really enjoyed this first book. The pace is just right, and I loved the character development. This book has the story of Heather and Isaiah.
Heather is a glaciologist. She gets lost in the woods. She is furious with herself because she is experienced at hiking and should have known better. I liked her strength. She is not a weak character. I also liked she can take care of herself. She sees her own short comings and is a tad too hard on herself but over all she is a well rounded person.
Isaiah finds lost people. That is kinda his job. He does it in his bear form. I liked that he does not come on all alpha like. He is a good person who let's Heather be a strong person without losing his masculinity. I think it takes a very strong character to do that.
Over all I really loved this first glimpse into this series. I would love to know more. I would love to read more in the future and find out who falls in love next. 

                              Five Shooting Stars


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