Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dragon Trap by Sarah Marsh

Title: Dragon Trap
Series: Coalition Mates, 5
Author: Sarah Marsh
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Inc.
Genre and Pairing: Sci-fi and M/F and M/F/M
Page Count: 54,391
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, shape-shifter, HEA
All Marisol Lewis had ever wanted was a family, but her ex-husband back on Earth made sure that would never happen while they were together. Now? After waking up on an alien planet, she has a plan, and she’s more determined than ever to see it through on her own. 
Luca and Baelion are dragon shifters with a troubled past. Shunned by their own people, they now work for the Coalition Council taking rescue jobs that no one else can do. They manage to find Marisol when she gets abducted—but their rescue plans take a wrong turn, and they all end up stranded on a dangerous, quarantined planet. 
Mari finds out the hard way that life often gets in the way of best-laid plans…and that dragon shifters most definitely get in the way of hers. 
It’s a good thing for her that dragons are naturally quite stubborn once they decide they want something—and they’ve decided she’s theirs.

Marisol thought being kidnapped by aliens was the worst thing to happen in her life. Instead it was the beginning of the best. She has an opportunity to have the family she has always craved. Now if only she can find the courage to accept the gift fate has given her.
Dragon Trap by Sarah Marsh is fifth in the Coalition Mates series. Marisol has decided to use her kidnapping to gain the children she wants. But when she finds herself kidnapped a second time, she may not survive the encounter. Can she trust her heart when rescue happens?
Luca and Bae are pitied by their world so they have made a life among the stars. Their latest job may give them more than they ever hoped for…if they can only survive. I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to Ms. Marsh’s series. Marisol has blocked all access to her heart but depending on Luca and Bae for survival provide them with an opening. Both males are determined to make this gutsy female theirs. They will use whatever means necessary to obtain her heart as well as her trust.
Ms. Marsh gave us a story with unexpected twists and turns, even as friendship and love blossom. I can’t wait to see who is next to find a successful mating in this series.

                         Five Shooting Stars

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