Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cupid Strikes Back by Trinity Blacio

Title: Cupid Strikes Back
Author: Trinity Blacio
Publisher: Riverdale Avenue books
Genre: MMF, BDSM, Contemporary
Pages: 65
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
With Valentines Day right around the corner, Erin had never been busier, but that didn't stop her from double-checking her surroundings every time she stepped out the door. No, Erin might be a leopard-shifter and dangerous, but the men of her old pack were even deadlier.

Who would have thought that stepping into a BDSM private club, Cupid and his mate, would come to her rescue? They had not only saved her and her family, but the two men had captured her heart as well.

Cupid Strikes Back by Trinity Blacio is a cute sexy story, I would love to read more about Eros and Honaw. Those are two very sexy men.
Erin is a submissive. She does not have a date for Valentine's Day. She gets dressed up anyway. She has not been on the scene for a year now. She is a cat shifter. She can sense her mate is in the club and she is determined to find him.
Honaw is the second owner of the BDSM club. He at first I am not sure I like him. He does though grow on me as the story goes on.
When Erin sees her brother she goes in to her leopard form and runs away. This only makes the men give chase.
Eros thinks she is amazing and he is determined to find her again. Over all there is a lot of story in a short period of time in this book. I would like to see more of this story and it flushed out better. I am very interested in what I have read and want more.

                                   Four Twinkling Stars

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