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Bronx's Wounded Wolf by Elle Boon

Title: Bronx’s Wounded Wolf
Series: Mystic Wolves, 4
Author: Elle Boon
Publisher: Elle Boon
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 186 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb:
A WOUNDED WOLF…A FIERCE PROTECTOR…AN UNSHAKABLE BOND…Will Bronx and Taya be able to create that mystical bond without her inner wolf, or will their love be enough?

A WOUNDED WOLF… Having suffered at the hands of a rogue pack, Taya’s wolf retreat’s deep inside her. She learns to rely on her humanity as she seeks sanctuary from the pack she’d been taken from as a child.

A FIERCE PROTECTOR…Bronx feels an instant connection to Taya the moment he set eyes on her, even though he couldn’t sense her wolf. Her pain and wariness stop him from claiming her right then and there, keeping him and his wolf on edge.

AN UNSHAKEABLE BOND…Neither Taya nor Bronx can deny their feelings for one another, and as the weeks go by, they both give into their desires. Bronx’s wolf is ready to claim Taya, wolf or not. Taya misses her wolf, but when her past catches up to them, she’ll need more than her humanity and Bronx to save her. They’ll need the strength of the pack and help from the Fey if they hope to come out of the battle alive and whole. 

Taya’s wolf has left her. Kidnapped from her pack has left Taya wounded in ways she may never recover from. While her body wasn’t raped what her mind suffered may have been worse. Taya hid within herself and allowed her wolf to bear the brunt of her captivity and now she is struggling to accept her failing. Bronx knows that Taya is his, wolf or no wolf. But can he convince Taya?
Bronx’s Wounded Wolf is fourth in Elle Boon’s Mystic Wolves series. While reading prior stories in this series may be helpful, it is not necessary for understanding. I enjoyed seeing Taya fight her way back. She isn’t sure Bronx’s is hers even as she fights her body’s reaction to his presence. She feels broken but her determination to find her footing comes through loud and clear.
I adored Bronx. He is sure that Taya is his. And even if her wolf never returns his is equally determined to protect what is his. I loved his tenderness with Taya. He knows she isn’t ready and fight his needs and desires to give her time.
Ms. Boon does a wonderful job of showing us Taya’s journey toward acceptance. I loved seeing old friends as they supported Taya and Bronx. I loved that Ms. Boon refused to allow Taya to remain a victim. She gave us a female character determined to fight from the brink and a male counterpart comfortable enough with who he is to let her. This is a nice addition to this series and I can’t wait to see where Ms. Boon will take us next.

                         Five Shooting Stars

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