Monday, July 10, 2017

Boundary Line by Patrick Mangan

Title: Boundary Line
Author: Patrick Mangan
Publisher: Painted Hearts Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 121
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Roan has his hands full when he invites Tanner, a young college kid, into his secluded mountain cabin to ride out the severe winter storm that has stranded him in the mountains for the weekend. They take up a fast-paced, but intermittent relationship as the snow and ice melt, each struggling with the distance between Tanner’s college and the remote location of Roan’s cabin.

Roan has been here before, or course, as the alpha-guy in a previous relationship that kept his interest and bed occupied. But that ended badly, and left Roan to heal the internal wounds alone, tucked away in his cabin at the edge of the forest. Tanner has other plans, as the sexy, cute youngster, who continues to push Roan out of his comfort zones and break all the rules of the dating game. He likes the idea of having an older, take-charge kind of guy as a boyfriend.

While they fall in love fast and hard, they also know the relationship has an expiration date. Tanner will graduate in May and move to the big city to take on a job in his chosen field. Can each of them give ground when needed and support one another, without blowing the relationship apart prematurely?

Boundary Line by Patrick Mangan is a pretty good read. There were some places where I had to suspend belief a little, but over all great chemistry between Roan and Tanner.
Roan is an outdoorsy guy. He has been hurt in relationships before. He also if you ask me has a little bit of anxiety especially about going out of his comfort zone. This causes problems when he tries to have a relationship with Tanner.
Tanner is good at pushing all of Roan's buttons and pushing Roan to be more. Tanner is young and really driven. I liked him a lot.
Okay here are a few things I didn't like about this story. One thing: Union suits. For the love of reading why did they have to mentioned over and over in the first part of this book. I get it they were wearing them. I was so happy when the author stopped talking about them. I was kinda impressed they even worked them into a sex scene.
Second thing I could have done without, why do these characters always drink alcohol? Even at breakfast time? Instead of water, coffee, anything else they grab, beers, wine, or whiskey.
All of those issues though were taken care of by the middle of the book. They stopped wearing union suits and drinking. Maybe they were nervous in the first part of the book dunno…
There is soft BDSM touched on in this book. I actually wanted it deeper and more developed. If you are going to have it in there should have meaning. This one almost got there on it being good with BDSM. I liked it.
Over all good read, the beginning has some hiccups and they do get resolved. I would look for more from this author in the future I feel they do a great job of bringing a good story I want to read with characters I care about. 

                                Four Twinkling Stars


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