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Stardust Award: Haven City Series by Zoe Perdita

Title: Haven City Series
Series: Rogue Wolf, Alpha's Shadow, Beta's Thief
Author: Zoe Perdita
Publisher: Zoe Perdita
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 631
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
The first three super sexy books in the Haven City Series!

Rogue Wolf (Haven City Series # 1)

Conner, a rogue wolf and murder detective, isn't looking for a lover when he moves to Haven City. He wants to solve crimes and keep to himself - unable to trust anyone since his pack betrayed him six years before.

But Seth Alwen, his new partner, is different. He excites the wolf's animal instincts - waking up the passion Conner buried long ago. Seth's not only beautiful and alluring; he's also haunted by the death of his former partner. And despite his better judgment, Conner aches to relieve the man of his guilt.

As the two men solve a series of murders, their sizzling attraction overflows into the bedroom. Is the overwhelming passion just a fling or is it forever?

Alpha's Shadow (Haven City Series # 2)

Conner Sharp, a rogue wolf and murder detective, was supposed to be an alpha – until his pack betrayed him and left him for dead. Then he met Seth Alwen, his new partner, and things started looking up. The beautiful seer lusts after him – even if he keeps an infuriating number of secrets.

But something dangerous is stirring inside Conner. The urges of an alpha wolf he buried years ago are rising to the surface. Whenever Seth is near, the beast threatens to unleash itself on the man Conner cares for the most – the man who might be his long lost mate.

While the two men grapple with desire and trust in their relationship, a new murder threatens Haven City and all her shadow folk. A murder that brings Seth and Conner front and center to a dangerous necromancer and the one group of people the seer wants to avoid more than anything: his own family.

Beta’s Thief (Haven City Series # 3)
When Fisk, a cat shifter and thief, is sold into sex slavery, the most dangerous shifter gang in Haven City buys him: the Black Wolves. Ian Black, the gang's leader and alpha wolf, has plans for Fisk. It's up to Breaker, the beta, to follow the boss's orders. Breaker doesn't expect to fall for the alluring feline with the bad attitude. Only Fisk strikes Ian's fancy too, and a beta can't cross an alpha.

Fisk finds himself torn between two very different men - Ian, the sexy alpha and Breaker, the stoic enforcer. One of the wolves is his mate, but Fisk isn't sure how to handle it. Sex is one thing - love is something else.

Haven City Series contains books 1-3 of the Haven City Series by author Zoe Perdita. I loved this volume. I think if you are going to read an entire series this is the way to read it. When you have them grouped in a series you do not have to wait for the next book you can just dive right in and read.
This volume contains the following titles:
Rogue Wolf : this is where Seth Alwen and Connor Sharp meet. I really loved the paranormals introduced in this story. Seth is a seer. I have not read too many stories with a seer in them. I loved how connected Seth feels to everything around him and his visions. He really is a character I feel for. I very much connected to his story and his plight. He is strong but not in a macho way. More like in an empathic way.
Connor is a wolf. He is a lone wolf who was thrown out of his pack. He has a lot of emotional scaring as well as physical. What really drew me to him is how much he is Alpha. I mean that in the way he is a born leader. He doesn't even know how he gives others confidence. He doesn't see what a great leader he is. He deserves a partner that can see the greatness in him. That is Seth all the way.
The next story is Alpha's Shadow. This is where of the story Connor and Seth continues. We see them grow together and how they work together to catch the bad guys.
The final story in this volume is Beta's Thief. Here we meet Fisk and Breaker. I loved this one. Fisk is a cat shifter. He is also a thief. A really good thief.
Breaker is the beta of his pack. He is a wolf. Part of one of the strongest packs in the city. Known for being tough and strong. He has to learn to communicate and tame a kitty who keeps slinking away from him to his alpha's bed.
This story contains some MMM scenes and very light bdsm. Made me want to know Fisk's twin, Seb. Please let his story be next!!
Over all if you love MM and shifters this is the series for you. There is mystery and action as well. All of the stories are well rounded and really great reads. This book is one for my keeper shelf for sure. 

                     Five Shooting Stars and Stardust Award

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