Monday, June 5, 2017

Sex, Cyborgs, and Champagne by TL Reeve

Title: Sex, Cyborgs, and Champagne
Series: Vega Space Vacations, 1
Author: TL Reeve
Publisher: After Glow Publishing
Genre and Pairing: MFM, Scifi futuristic
Pages : 52
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
We can help with that.

Conner Mann is on a mission. For his tenth anniversary, he wants to give his wife, Flora, a present she’ll never forget. When he sees an ad for Vega Space Vacations, he knows exactly what to do.

Flora Mann, grew up in a strict home with conservative parents. Expressing her sexual desires never came easy to her due to her prim upbringing, and because of it, she’d never been able to tell her husband what she wants most—a threesome.
Vincent Carver is the man with the plan.

Unit L-2817 or Lincoln to his friends, is ready to experience life through human eyes. As a reformed government mercenary, he’s free to finally experience everything others take for granted—including creating emotional connections. He isn’t sure what love is, but the instant attraction he feels between Conner and Flora, can’t be denied.

Their emotions run high as they contemplate their next moves. Can a cyborg assimilate to their hectic routine? Conner, Flora and Lincoln, are willing to find out. But, what if all they are left with are distant memories?

Sex, Cyborgs, and Champagne is an incredibly sweet and steamy story by author TL Reeve. This story also kicks off the Vega Space Vacations series too. Great start by the way. I want to know more about the resort where anything goes.
Here in this story we meet Connor he wants to make his 10th anniversary very special for his wife Flora. Something she will never forget.
Flora was raised in a repressed society. She is not used to viocing her wants and needs. Connor though knows how to bring out the naughty in his wife.
There is also someone else in this book who can bring the naughty out in Flora.
Lincoln is a cyborg. Designed as a fighter. But he is at a place now he wants a lover. Can Flora and her husband be the ones he has always been looking for?
In a book where anything goes, this is one where you feel the love all three have for each other just jump off the pages. I cannot wait for more from this series in the future. Also the end of this book has a very special surprise for you. You need to pick it up and find out what it is for yourself. 
                         Five Shooting Stars

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