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Matching Mates by Bronwyn Heeley

Title: Matching Mates
Series: Matching Mates 1-6
Author: Bronwyn Heeley
Publisher: Bonny Dee Press
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 151
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb

The rules of the game are simple. When the matchmaker matches you, you have twenty-four hours of heat, where only your mate will soothe you. What you choose to do is up to you, but the pain of not consummating those desires with your mate will most likely end in death. You are free to walk away at the end of your time together, but no one said it would be simple to head off home and forget what happened.

Wrong Place, Right Time

Matty was put into a waiter uniform and given a tray. The problem was he didn’t know what it was he was heading into, and what contract he signed for just being there.

A wolf and the night of his life will change Matty forever, as long as he’s brave enough to take what’s on offer and run.

Catching His Witch

Josef has wanted Jesse from the moment he met the little witch, but something from his past had him running scared. A chance in a vampire den’s matching party gives Josef the opportunity to have Jesse just where he wants him, and hopefully find a way to keep the little witch forever.

Timid as a Mouse

Loner crocodile shifter, Harry, meets his match with a sweet little mouse that thinks Harry’s everything he could ever want in a mate. But will Harry’s nerves and inexperience lose him the chance with someone who isn’t scared of him?

The Tiger’s Release

Henry watches the tiger shifter pass by as they wait for the matchmaker to do his thing, but it isn’t until the tiger starts watching him back that the night truly gets interesting.

Mate’s Freedom

Robin was locked in the vampire master’s dungeon for trying to spend the night with the wrong man. However, the right one is willing to give him his freedom, but at what price?

Happy Ever Mate

Cameron’s life hasn’t been easy, but he’s willing to put up with being a slave to a master vampire, in order to make the man he loves happy. However, Wayne, his lover, doesn’t care where he sleeps, as long as they’re together. Can he convince Cameron to run away, or will they be spending a lifetime in a place neither of them want to be, just to make the other happy?

Matching Mates has books 1-6 included. They are all by Bronwyn Heeley. I liked these as starts of a book. I feel they could really be expanded and made longer. They are excellent!! Super great connections with the characters and great heat. I would love to know more about them. Maybe visit them later on? Over all though great shorts.
You get :
Wrong Place, Right Time
Catching His Wolf
Timid As A Mouse
Tiger's Release
Mate's Freedom
Happy Ever Mate
Because these are really shorts I am going to concentrate mostly on a over all review of these, and give you a couple I really loved. Wrong Place, Right Time. I loved this one because we are introduced to this world and why these paranormals come together. How they get mated, and what they can or cannot do about it at the end.
Matty has to make a chose in this book. Be a blood whore for a vampire or have a wolf mate. He is a really sweet guy. And really needs Gavin.
Gavin is one possessive wolf. I liked him from the start. He is not afraid to fight for what he wants.
This is mostly a start for these two. I would love to see where they go from here.
I liked this next short because I liked the idea of a crocodile shifter. I do not hear a whole lot about those. Harry is one. In the story Timid as a Mouse. He gets the cute sassy mouse shifter Luke. I loved Luke he is not afraid of a croc. He is more than willing to flirt with danger.
I felt this story was very well rounded too. More so than some others.
Matching Mates is a must read if you love shifters. You might even meet some you have never heard of before. I loved the love in this book it just jumps off the pages. When magic and mates mix great things happen.

                                                  Five Shooting Stars

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