Saturday, June 17, 2017

Gimme Shelter by Kate Steele

Title: Gimme Shelter
Series: Set in Stone, 7
Author: Kate Steele
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: MM, Futuristic Scifi
Pages: 118
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Captive of a violent warrior race, deliberately injured and set adrift to die alone in space, Shanrem De Nebral is rescued by Zen Ahbramez and the crew of the starship Brizo.

For Shanrem, raised to be nothing more than property to be sold to the highest bidder, the freedom, friendship and love he finds aboard the Brizo is more than he ever dreamed of. But even the best of dreams end, and for Shanrem there's nothing but trouble ahead.

With the near perfection bred into him in ruins, his own people would rather see him dead than returned and the Dukati warrior who owned him wants him back. To keep Shanrem safe and sheltered within his loving embrace, Zen's strength and resolve will be tested to the limits.

Gimme Shelter is the 7th book in the Set in Stone series. This book is by author Kate Steele. I have never read this series before, and I was not lost reading this story. I loved the over all arc of the story. Ms. Steele does a great job of making me feel very connected to her characters and invested in them. I know I want to go back now and read the stories I might have missed. Cause there is really some great ideas in this story, and memorable characters I want to see have happy endings in the future too.
This story is about Zen the captain of the starship Brizo and Shanrem a slave who needs the shelter Zen can provide.
Zen is a good fair captain. He can joke with his crew but also take charge when he needs too. He can also make the hard calls if he has too.
Shanrem has been beaten, sexually abused, and is terrified. He can barely say his own name when we meet him. His trained him to be sold one day, but not to slavers to a high standing person. He was to be the sex slave of that person. Now he is used up and terrified. He needs someone to help heal his mind as well as his body. Lucky for him Zen is more than up for that challenge.
I felt so very much for Shanrem. He goes through a lot in this story. But the ending makes all of it worth it. Warning there is talk about abuse in this book. It makes sense to this story but could be a trigger for a very sensitive reader. I felt it added to the story and was necessary for Shanrem's story to be told. Over all a great read any one who loves to fall in love should read. 

                                       Five Shooting Stars 


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