Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ghost in Love by Ella Primrose

Title: Ghost in Love
Author: Ella Primrose
Publisher: Self Published
Genre and Pairing: MM, Erotic, Paranormal
Pages : 59
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Alexander Preston just moved in to dorm room 418 and discovers someone else living there; the undeniably attractive ghost of Christian Holmes.
A mystery, a murder, and a lost love; these events conspire to bring Alex and Christian to the revelation that even across the realm of life and death, love can still exist.

Ghost in Love by Ella Primrose is a murder mystery type of erotic MM novel. What I liked is I really had no idea what would happen next. There are a ton of original and well done ideas in this book. The ending for me was a tad morose but other than that I really liked this one.
Alexander keeps hearing noises in his dorm. He is a college student, he studies hard and is an okay student. But someone is playing tricks on him and calling his name in his dorm at night when he is asleep.
Christian was also a college student. In 1952 that is. He was murdered in the very dorm that Alexander now lives in. Trapped there he needs Alexander to help solve his murder so he can finally move on to the after-life.
This is a bitter sweet murder mystery. I really liked the premise and the connection with the characters. The ending was not my cuppa tea but over all this has great writing, and really original ideas well worth picking up and checking out. 
                                 Four Twinkling Stars

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