Tuesday, May 9, 2017

True Colors by Anyta Sunday

Title: True Colors
Series: True Love, 2
Author: Anyta Sunday
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Pages: 223
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Oskar used to be Marco’s best friend. His everything. His sunshine yellow.

But that was before. Before Marco stopped being a hot jock. Before he learned to live with scars and pain. And before Oskar tore their friendship apart.

Now the boy next door has returned home, determined to rekindle his friendship with Marco, and Marco’s more afraid than ever. Afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of being humiliated.

Afraid of falling in love.

Can Oskar find a way through Marco’s fear, back into his heart?

True Colors is an enemies to lovers, boy next door, first time, slow burn M/M romance with a generous helping of UST. This no-cliffhanger, HEA book can be read as a standalone.


True Colors is the second book in the True Love series by author Anyta Sunday. I am very on the fence on how I feel about this book. I loved the writing style. Ms. Sunday is a great story teller and I felt very connected to her characters. I also liked the originality I found in this book from chapter names to just ideas in general.
I liked the total arc of the characters from childhood to adulthood. But it felt really super dragged out to me.
What I was not really into was the character of Oskar. He really was a jerk of epic proportions and I am not sure I would have forgiven him either. I get it, he was young but it was still awful. I also felt he was using our Marco a little. I think he was done so well, I didn't see his full redemption for him to be with Marco.
Marco is not a saint, but he is a basically good character. He does have his own fears and doubts to get over. I liked him though. He is one of those flawed but extremely likeable characters.
Over all very well written. My connection was mostly with Marco. I think he deserved more than he got in this book. However this is a happy ending, and a story that takes us to the full arc of the characters. They come a long way in this book. So it is a good read. Great coming of age type of story. 

                     Four Twinkling Stars


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