Saturday, May 27, 2017

Stardust Award: Toxic by Avylinn Winter

Title: Toxic
Series: Treacherous Chemistry, 2
Author: Avylinn Winter
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre and Pairing: MM, Contemporary
Pages : 237
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
When true love is a lie and pleasure turns to pain.

Adam Webb spent most of his teenage years in love with his best friend, Gabriel Connor, only to be thrown out of their shared apartment when he finally found the courage to reveal his feelings.

Seven months later, Adam’s effort to save their lost friendship finds him more than he ever asked for. After all, being thrown out has to be better than thrown into a wall. However, Adam isn’t ready to give up. Trapped and isolated in a dangerous relationship, he falls deeper and deeper into Gabriel’s world.

Despite Adam’s attempts to push them away, his friends are determined to help, but the man who fights hardest is Cameron McCain, Adam’s photography teacher—a man who treasures what Gabriel does not.

They say love should conquer all. But when passion breeds fear and love turns toxic, will Adam make the right choice?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of domestic violence, emotional abuse and dubious consent.

Publisher's Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Pre-order Date: 21st March 2017
Available exclusively from Pride Publishing: 4th April 2017
General Release Date: 2nd May 2017

Toxic by Avylinn Winter is the second book in the Treacherous Chemistry series. This is my first time reading this series and I was not lost at all. This is one amazing story. I truly could not put this one down, and wanted more when it ended. Powerfully written. This story really connected with me the reader. I loved the well rounded characters and the story arc over all.
What do you do when the person you love is being abused? How do you make them see it?
Adam comes from a loving family. His family cares a great deal for him. His current boyfriend used to save him from the class bullies growing up. Adam hero worships him. He cannot see all the little things his current boyfriend does that belittle, and abuse him. He thinks it is all his fault. He works so hard to be careful around his boyfriend. All of his friends hate his bully of a boyfriend. But Adam doesn't see it.
Cameron is Adam's photography teacher. When Adam wants to be his assistant Cameron is all for it . Adam is a good student and he could use a helper. Cameron is nice and easy going. When he starts to see how abused Adam is, he tries very hard to save him. Along the way he falls for the quiet, shy man who sees so much.
I loved Cameron. He is strong enough to take on a bully and win, but smart enough to know Adam has to choose him. He will save Adam even if Adam doesn't choose him.
Over all this is a very good description of what domestic abuse is like. This could be a trigger for some so be sure you know this when you go to read this book. However I found it beautifully and tastefully done. I loved the powerful emotions and angst in this book. I think anyone who wants to meet Prince Charming and see him save the day would love this one. I know I did, and I cannot wait to read more from this touching series in the future. 

                                     Five Shooting Stars and Stardust Award


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