Friday, May 12, 2017

Star Dust Award: Truly Helpless by Joey W. Hill

Title: Truly Helpless
Series: A Nature of Desire Novel, 10
Author: Joey W. Hill
Publisher: Story Witch Press
Genre: M/f Contemporary, BDSM
Pages: 589
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Marius has all the things a Mistress could want in a one-night-sub encounter. Hot body, loads of charm and a willingness to get her off in any way she pleases. That’s his reputation at The Zone. But Marius has a dark side. When a Mistress pushes him for something deeper, he’ll push back, mess with her head. When he takes it too far one night, The Zone management has had enough. He’s kicked out of the club and there’s only one way back in—Lady Regina.
Regina’s been studying Marius for a while. She enjoys her submissives in all flavors, and she likes them challenging, though not usually the “knight-in-distress” type, so screwed up she’d need a backhoe to dig him out of his dysfunctions. But on that pivotal night, she sees something in Marius. He doesn’t know what it means to be truly helpless to a Mistress, but he needs it, more than any sub she’s ever encountered. And that’s a challenge this Mistress can’t resist.

Truly Helpless by author Joey W. Hill is the 10th book in the Nature of Desire series. This series is not a stand alone series. You really do need to read the books in order. People we know and love from previous books are introduced again, and Regina herself is in other stories. Personally I was really excited that this story is hers. Out of all the Domme she is always been the most fierce and independent. I was really looking forward to seeing her use those skills on a worthy Submissive.
Marius is just the submissive Regina needs to truly test her skills as both a woman and a Dominate. Marius seems hell bent on destruction. He is willing to take everyone with him for the ride too. He does have a weakness. Lady Regina is the one he would submit too if he still felt he could submit. Marius is very broken. Lashing out, and needs Regina. He needs her strength, compassion, and most of all her discipline to finally come out of the darkness that is eating him up inside.
Regina herself has the chops to make him crawl on his knees for her. But she knows he equally needs understanding and compassion. I liked that she is strong, sexy, and feminine all rolled into one bad-ass domme.
There are many layers to this book. I felt the BDSM added an extra psychological layer to this book. I have been a fan of Ms. Hill's works for many years, and I always love how she brings us to the edge and makes me fall in love with her characters.
Marius is not a simple character. He is a bundle of contradictions and a man who needs love more than he needs air.
This story is for those who love the strong characters finding a home and love. Both of these head strong people clash but love can save them both.

                      Five Shooting Stars and a Star Dust Award

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