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Promo Wed, Savage Project Zed 2 by Kelex


Savage: Project Zed 2 by Kelex

Title: Savage: Project Zed 2
Author: Kelex
Publisher: Twisted E Publishing

Six years of working for Project Zed showed MSgt Cutler Morrison all he thought he needed to know about the shifter world. He’d pledged his life to fight back the evil savagery of the wild creatures threatening to kill all humankind… until he realized that the heroes he was fighting with weren’t much in the way of heroes and the ones they were fighting against didn’t seem so hellbent on world domination, after all. Disillusioned, a fateful plane crash brought him down in the middle of shifter territory, and there he saw another side to the beasts he thought were evil.

On Cutler’s first mission with the shifters, they take down one of the weaponized creatures the project imprisoned and bring him to safety. He’s always had an odd connection to Subject Z-620. Cutler’s like a moth to the monster’s flame.

As more secrets about Project Zed come to light, they both have to come to terms with who they were, what they’ve done, and where the road leads…
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Chapter One

Checking out the lab rats…

Newly promoted Staff Sergeant Cutler Morrison III stared at the wild freak behind the bars, pretty damned sure he was about two seconds away from pissing his pants.
Fear wasn’t something he typically suffered from. He’d done his time overseas. Fought in battles that were the true test of a man’s mettle. He’d dodged bombs and bullets and made it back in one piece. For the most part. But here and now, none of that mattered.
The animal lashed out, all claws and snarling teeth before the bars seemed to shock him. Animal wasn’t quite the right definition. The fluorescent lights above illuminated the things that should’ve been kept in the dark. It was a beast, but what kind of beast he had no idea. It looked to be part bear and part winged bird, but he wasn’t sure what the other parts were. There were definitely other parts. Scary parts.
There were two rows of cages inside the large lab, and over half the cages were filled with wild, nightmarish creatures just as scary.
We’re part soldier, part zookeeper here,” the captain beside him said in a deep southern accent. Captain White, if memory served, though Cutler’s mind wasn’t exactly worried about names in that moment. The captain didn’t look afraid… not one bit, but then he had that good ‘ole boy douchebag vibe coming off him in waves. Bravado with no balls to back it up. This is what I signed up for? To be a zookeeper?
His mind drifted to the reason he’d agreed for this duty, and he tried to calm himself. “What is that thing?” Captain White banged a metal rod against the bars, and electric sparks came off the end, which only aggravating the creature all the more. He roared at the man and swiped a clawed paw their direction. “What you signed on to help protect,” Captain White said with a grin. “And protect the world from him and his kind.”
This is the top secret part I couldn’t share with you until you had the clearance,” came a voice from behind him. Cutler turned to see Colonel Lore heading closer. “Captain White. Show him.”
Yes, sir.” Captain White grabbed a small device and hit a button on it. The creature behind the cage bars began to scream, as if in pain.
Are you hurting it?” Cutler asked the captain. Creature or no, he wasn’t into causing pain for the simple purpose of causing pain.
Nah, not these tough motherfuckers. Just wait,” White responded, excitement glinting in his eyes. Wait? For what? And then he saw it. A paw became a hand. A human hand. His eyes bugged from his head as he watched the beast slowly turn into a human man. Rooted to the spot he stood, he was frozen, unable to speak… he watched as the man sluggishly came to his feet.
The huge, muscled guy was naked as a jaybird. He moved to the front of the cell, thick fingers encircling the bars he grasped. Two bright, green eyes stared at him from within before an anguished scream came from his lips. The creature fell to his knees, his hands gripping his head. Another baleful cry rose from his lips. The sound was one of intense torment. Cutler felt his stomach churn, yet struggled to ignore how gorgeous the human side of the creature was.

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