Friday, May 19, 2017

Hidden Within by Mima

Title: Hidden Within
Series: Bonded Fantasy, 10
Author: Mima
Publisher: House of Doors
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 520 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Dom can taste the final battle. He craves it, aching to sink his fangs into the dark mages. As the ruthless leader of the shapeshifters, Dom will pay any price to bring the enemy Fortress down, including ordering his heart to the front lines.
The Truth-teller Rowan has spent twelve years as a captive of humans, dark mages, and now the Beasts. A betrayed oracle, she has seen her own future. It was supposed to be hard, but lead to happiness. Yet now, after so much pain and waiting, it is not as she foresaw. Bitter yet fearless, she leaps toward the challenge Dom offers. All she wanted was a family, but instead she will save the world.
When Dom watches Rowan sink under the weight of her own Truths, he discovers one himself. All of his beasts agree she will belong to him. Their Bond is much more than practicality. But what if the woman leading the battle doesn't understand she holds the Clans' sanity in her hands? When these two people combine their powers, no one is ready. Not his people, not hers, not the enemy, and especially not them.

Rowan has been freed from the Dark Mage but is treated with suspicion. Dom sees more than Rowan knows but can he bring the Clans together and bind Rowan to him too?
Hidden Within by Mima is the tenth installment of the Bonded Fantasy series. It is definitely not a standalone. You need to have read the prior books in this series for understanding and enjoyment.
Dom is the Bond Shield but many either fail to remember or even know of his purpose. Before Rowan he thought he would spend his life alone. But Rowan gives him hope of a future. Rowan is the Truth Teller but water controls and scares her. Together can Dom and Rowan move beyond their fears, save the clans and grab a future full of love and connection? I loved Rowan and Dom together. They are so alone even when surrounded by people. Dom is so busy trying to save the clans and Rowan is busy trying to fulfill her prophecy. But when they allow themselves time to breathe and enjoy each other, they move past duty as they become friends with the possibility of more. I love that Mima allowed these somewhat broken individuals an opportunity to see beneath their titles. The respect came before the love, Rowan and Dom had hard roles but needed each other to succeed. Mima wove a tale full of twists and turns. While at times jumping from past to present was a bit confusing, the overall story was complete and fulfilling. The joy and pain felt real and believable. I loved seeing the unique relationship bloom between Dom and Rowan. And Dom’s relationship with Aiden was also great. Aiden brought laughter and additional honor to the story (and I hope Mima will give him his happily ever after). But I was glad to see Mima return to this world and enjoyed my visit.

                        Five Shooting Stars 

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