Friday, May 19, 2017

Devil Within by Kali Argent

Title: Devil Within
Series: Bodyguard Incorporated, 1
Author: Kali Argent
Publisher: Peccavi Press
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F
Page Count: 287 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Rock bottom.

Leaving a toxic relationship and starting over was the hardest thing Phoebe Keller had ever done. Alone, jobless, living out of her car, and completely desperate, she takes a chance on a pipedream—and lands herself right atop the bestseller list. Three years and a handful of bestselling novels later, life is good, and those desolate months are nothing more than a distant memory. But, not all the glitters is gold.

From the ashes.

Coming home from his third tour in Afghanistan, Rayce Hawkins doesn’t quite know where he fits anymore. He has nothing in common with any of his friends, and when they stop calling, all he feels is relief. He can barely make the rent on his one-bedroom, rodent-infested apartment, and his prospects dwindle more every day. Drowning in self-pity and running out of options, he’s ready to give up when he receives a phone call from an old comrade. With four little words, everything changes.

The devil within.

When Rayce and Phoebe meet at a black-tie event for a local charity, their instant chemistry is undeniable, but not everyone is happy about their new relationship. What started as innocent emails and benign gifts becomes increasingly more violent as a deranged fan stalks Phoebe’s every move.

When Phoebe is taken captive, Rayce will do whatever it takes to save her. With the clock ticking and time running out, can he find her before it’s too late? Or will he be forced to watch as his entire life shatters around him?

Rayce’s life changed in an instant. He went from the depths of despair to working at a job he loves. Especially as his job allowed him to meet Phoebe. But convincing Phoebe to give him a chance may be his toughest challenge yet. Will Phoebe allow Rayce within her heart and world before it is too late?
Devil Within is first in Kali Argent’s Bodyguard Incorporated series. I must admit I adored Rayce. He was flawed but full of humor. I loved his ability to make not only Phoebe laugh but me as well. He was protective but had a soft heart. I loved that Ms. Argent allowed us to see Rayce as more than his job. He understood that Phoebe had issues trusting but did not allow that to deter him from working to have and keep her in his life. And Ms. Argent gave us a great character in Phoebe. She has had atrocious taste in men but will Rayce be different? I loved finding out along with Phoebe. I enjoyed seeing Rayce sneak past Phoebe’ s guard and into her heart. I loved that Ms. Argent allowed Phoebe the time to trust that Rayce meant what he said. He made her feel safe and they were able to build on those feelings. I also enjoyed meeting the men and women of WSS. I enjoyed the feeling of camaraderie and respect. Ms. Argent is building a world here that I can’t wait to delve into.

                              Five Shooting Stars

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