Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dark Man by Kyann Waters

Title: Dark Man
Series: Blood Slaves, 3
Author: Kyann Waters
Publisher: K. Ink
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Pages: 94
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Vance is determined to discover the secrets hidden in The Catacombs, an exclusive all-male fetish club. Someone there was the last person to see his ex-lover alive and he intends to seek revenge for the brutal murder. Once in, he meets Tac, the owner of the club. He’s secretive and hot as hell. The BDSM sex is unlike anything Vance has experienced. Tac is becoming an obsession and keeping him from the truth.

Nothing can endanger the vampires’ existence. Theron, known in the club as Tac, will destroy any who try. He is dominant and dangerous—in total control of his world. He lives only for sex and blood. He has never been emotionally involved with anyone. Now, a human has slipped into his life and under his skin, making him want more than meaningless sex with blood slaves. But Theron will never allow a mere mortal to bring him to his knees.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of smoking-hot men engaged in multiple-partner sex and bondage.

Dark Man is the third book in the Blood Slaves series by author Kyann Waters. This is also a reprint, and not much has changed from the previous printing of this story.
This book is also the third in a series. I highly recommend you read this series in order. There are things going on, that would be lost if you picked this book up out of order.
Now what your really want to know, what did I think of this story, totally absolutely loved it. There is action, violence, BDSM, and love all wrapped up in this book. There is a ton of story going on.
Tac/ Theron wants Vance's total submission. Tac is a vampire. And he wants Vance to be his blood slave. He is slowly setting the lure, in hopes of catching the evasive human and making him his forever.
Vance he gets the nickname of Dark Man. He refuses to be a blood slave. But he wants Theron.
Theron is a master and Vance is a submissive. They really play well off each other. There is a deep love here and the BDSM aspects only strengthen that love.
There is also a kinda murder mystery going on in this book too. So lots to pay attention to. I would suggest reading this one when you have time to really sink into a book and the characters within it. I cannot wait for more from this series. I love it and am addicted to reading it. 

                            Five Shooting Stars

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