Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Beast by Kelex

Title: Beast
Series: Project Zed, 1
Author: Kelex
Publisher: Twisted E Publishing
Genre and Pairing: MM, Paranormal, animal shifters, extreme scenes of violence.
Page Count: 161
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
A shifter altered into a beast, transformed into a weapon…

Subject Z-701 has few memories. Kept in a drug-induced haze and controlled through neural transmitters, he’s let out of his cage when death and destruction is what’s desired.

Until an accident changes his fate.

Freedom beckons, but he finds himself in yet another cage. Without the drugs, the voices get louder, pushing him to the edge of his already precarious sanity.

If it wasn’t for him, the one person able to calm the voices and keep him from teetering into the abyss.


Tossed between heaven and hell, he must forge a path toward Samuel or be lost forevermore.

Project Zed is a spin-off series from the Bear Mountain series. Readers do not need to have red Bear Mountain prior to reading this book, but it is highly recommended.

This book is intended for a mature audience.

Beast starts off the Project Zed series by author Kelex. This is a spin off series from the Bear Mountain series. I did not read the Bear Mountain series. I will say it made me slightly lost, but not overly. I still could really sink into this story. I think you would get a whole lot more out of this first book if you knew the Bear Mountain shifters and such first though.
This is the story of Cal and Samuel.
Cal or Z701 has been tested on, caged, abused. He has also been forced with a chip in his head to do terrible acts. He now is rescued from Project Zed but still has the trauma of flash backs and PSTD from it. He really is not in the space of mind to have a mate yet. But love doesn't always work the way we want it. He fights tooth and nail to be free and to have vengeance on those that messed him up in the first place.
Samuel knows Cal is his mate. He wants to help him recover. He wants his mate whole again. Samuel can sense emotions of others, he also has a slew of other cool powers that you have to read about in this book. He doesn't know where his powers come from but he is one kick ass character.
Over all there is a ton of information in this book. I suggest reading this one when you have the time to really sink into a story. There is much more than sex in this book which I love. I loved to see the recovery of those abused. I would really like to see where this series goes next. There is a lot of potential for more and I cannot wait to read it. 

                              Five Shooting Stars