Friday, May 26, 2017

Alric's Runaway by Victoria Vallo

Title: Alric's Runaway
Series: Mate Me, 2
Author: Victoria Vallo
Publisher: Twisted E Publishing
Genre and Pairing: MM, Sci fi futuristic, Paranormal, intersex character
Page Count: 137
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Alric has always been one step behind his brother, and now he might walk away for good.

After failing at yet another task his older brother Mace performed perfectly on his first try, Alric has decided he doesn’t care anymore. He doesn’t need anyone’s approval, and he certainly doesn’t need a conditional inheritance from his father. But his attempts to comply with his father’s demand that he settle down and have children brought someone into his life, someone completely different from his numerous past lovers. Chase makes Alric question everything about his life, and with Chase’s help, he might finally see that the kind of acceptance he’s always wanted was being offered to him all along.

Alric's Runaway is the second book in the Mate Me series by author Victoria Vallo. I really loved this story. There is a mix in there that I think everyone would like. I know I found myself wishing I had read the first book, I started with this book. You will not be lost at all. I just want to know more about what I missed.
Alric has always been compared to his older brother. He never felt he was good enough. Heck his brother has even for-filled the wishes of his dead father faster than Alric. He loves his older brother despite their sibling rivalry. He just isn't sure if he wants to marry and produce heirs like his father's will states he must. Specially since he was more into male lovers than females.
He decides to go for a mate through a dating agency.
Chase is homeless. Still learning to function on the street. He is good friends with the owner of the dating site that Alric applied at. The owner thinks Chase would be the answer to Alric's problems and Chase's problems too. Chase is able to have children. He is intersex. His parents are dead. He is young, proud, and brave.
He and Alric hit it off. Alric is ready to take Chase home, but will he marry Chase. Chase is unsure. He hopes so, but he has learned not to count on anyone or anything.
I liked watching these two fall in love. They are very different people but together they have the same goals in life. They both have a ton of love to give. I liked watching Chase learn to trust for the first time. Alric he too is full of surprises.
When you want a true love story this is the one to pick up. I cannot wait for the next in this series and to go back and read book one. Keep bringing on the brothers and those they love.

                              Five Shooting Stars

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