Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Unyielding by Shelly Laurenston

Title: The Unyielding
Series: Call of the Crows, 3
Author: Shelly Laurenston
Publisher: Kensington Books
Pages: 330
Genre: M/F Paranormal
Reviewer : Redz

Publisher's Blurb

When it comes to combining offbeat humor and mayhem, it is tough to beat Laurenston.” –RT Book Review

“If you enjoy outrageous scenarios, witty banter, and hilariously over-the-top characters, look no further than Shelly Laurenston’s Call of Crows series.”
SmexyBooks, Best Books of the Year

Stieg Engstrom, Angriest Viking Ever, has got big problems. The human Viking Clans of earth are in danger of being obliterated—along with the rest of the world—and the only one who may be able to save them is a super pain-in-the-ass Crow. Most people annoy Stieg, but this is the one woman he really can’t stand…

Erin Amsel loves being a Crow! Why wouldn’t she when the other Viking Clans are so hilariously arrogant and humorless? She’s not about to let all that come to an end! She just didn’t expect to be shoulder to shoulder in battle with Stieg. Then again, he’s so easy to torment—and also kind of cute.

With the future of the world riding on them, Stieg knows he’ll have to put aside his desperate need to kiss the smirk right off Erin’s face. Wait. What? He didn’t mean that—did he? No! They have one goal: To conquer the idiots. Because nothing bugs Stieg more than when idiots win. If only he can keep himself from suddenly acting like one…


The Unyielding by Shelly Laurenston is the third book in the Call of Crows series. This is my first time reading this series, so yes I did have a tiny very tiny bit of confusion. I like that things are explained very well, so even someone like me just joining this series can get the main idea of what is going on just fine.
I love also the style of writing Ms. Laurenston has. There is always a bit of humor, action, and tons of love inside her stories.
This one has a very strong independent heroine. I like a woman who is both strong but has a softness to her that makes her relatable to me. Erin and her sister Crows had to stop Ragnarok and the end of days. Erin is very good at finding trouble. She usually goes looking for it. She manages to get shot, knifed, and many other injuries along the way. Good thing she cannot die from these. She doesn't know when to say when. She is willing to take on the bad guys all by herself.
Stieg has the job of looking out for Erin. He considers her to be frustrating, huge pain in his behind, not to mention rude. Following her seems like a waist of time at first. But the more he gets to know Erin the more he starts to understand her and fall for her. He is a warrior in his own right, so these two together were fun to watch. Both strong and independent people. I liked that also made them need each other. They are stronger together.
Over all there is a lot going on in this book. Some again was lost on me, but I think true fans will love! I cannot wait to go and see the books I missed because this book is that amazing. When you want some action, adventure, and paranormal elements this is the book to pick up. 

                                     Five Shooting Stars 


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