Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Naked Neighbor by L.C. Carey

Title: The Naked Neighbor
Author: L.C. Carey
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre/ Pairing: M/M Contemporary,
Pages: 187
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
How can a man work when his sexy neighbor is always naked?

Quaid Marshall's life has hit rock bottom. He's lost the most recent of his dead-end jobs, has been evicted from his apartment, and if not for the charity of his sister, he'd be living under the overpass in a cardboard box. Instead, she's loaned him the use of her Smoky Mountain ski cabin in the woods of North Carolina so he can finish the screenplay he's been avoiding finishing for two years. Since the day he drove the car into that tree, killing his fiancé, David. The day Quaid's life went to hell.

With nothing left to lose, Quaid's determined to finish the stupid screenplay and enter it in the ScreenWay Magazine contest, with its $25,000 grand prize. He knows it's stupid to rely on a contest for income, but his bossy baby sister insists he try, and she's the one paying the bills…

But it isn't going well. His sister neglected to tell him about the next-door neighbor…the incredibly hot, incredibly tall, incredibly buff next-door neighbor…the one who likes to sunbathe in the raw. The one with the incredible package nestled in neatly trimmed dark curls. How the hell was Quaid supposed to write a horror script when all he could think of was the sexy opening of a romantic comedy? And how the hell was he supposed to look himself in the eye every morning in the mirror when he felt so disloyal to David's memory?


The Naked Neighbor by L.C. Carey has the story of Quad and Mac. Quad is using his sister's rocky mountain retreat cabin for the summer. He hopes to get some work done on a screen play he is writing. Only he cannot concentrate on a horror story when all he can think about is the sexy neighbor next door who keeps sunbathing in the nude. Quad also feels very disloyal to his ex David who died in a car crash that Quad feels responsible for. That was two years ago Quad still has not gotten past that. Dating has been out of the question. But one sexy neighbor might be chipping away at Quad's armor.
Mac has been bathing nude to get Quad's attention. He wants to get to know Quad but knows Quad has been through a lot. He hopes they both can get to know each other and maybe something more. From what Quad's sister has told him of Quad he really wants to get to know the quiet recluse.
Overall this is a really sweet story. Quad learns to trust and come out of his shell. And Mac well he is too sweet for words. Nice cute romance with a tiny bit of angst thrown in. This is the kind of romance that makes me smile as I read it. 

                                 Five Shooting Stars

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