Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Alpha's Claim by Holley Trent

Title: The Alpha's Claim
Author: Holley Trent
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre/ Pairing: M/M Paranormal
Word Count: 45,000
Reviewer Name: Redz


Publisher Blurb
Jim West, the New York Coyote pack alpha, has successfully defended his territory from external threats for almost fifteen years. Pack politics may be a pain in his ass, but his command has never been doubted, his authority never questioned.
Until Teddy, an argumentative pancake-house server, challenges more than his patience. The lithe, pretty human calls to Jim's baser instincts. He knows instantly Teddy is his mate - but the timing couldn't be worse. Tension within his pack is growing, and adding a human mate to the mix could spark an uprising, with Teddy as the target.
Teddy's smart mouth may heat Jim's blood, but with a full moon only days away, getting Teddy to let down his guard and accept him - the man and the beast - is his main priority.
There's no fighting the pull of a mate, but learning his lover is a literal predator might make Teddy run right into the danger Jim's desperate to control.

The Alpha's Claim by Holley Trent is a very short read that I really liked. I really would love to see this one a series. I would love to know more about pack structure, and other members as well.
In this book we meet Jim and his mate Teddy.
Jim is the Alpha to the New York Coyote Pack. He is trying really hard to get the attention of his over work and under paid mate. I will say he does pick the most annoying way possible to get his mate's attention. Sitting in his booth area with all of the pack members, and not tipping him properly. Yeah doesn't inspire his mate to like him much. Nope he is being a pain in the tuckus but he knows it. He likes to see how far he can push before his mate says enough and calls him on it.
Teddy has had more than enough of Jim and his stingy tipping. He just wants to make enough to get by but with the tips Jim and his crew leave that is not happening. So he confronts Jim about it. I loved how brave Teddy is. Jim is much larger and scarier than he is, but he is willing to go toe to toe with him over what he perceives to be the right thing to do.
While their courtship is unusual to say the least they are really good together. They have a balance that they both need. Now will Teddy accept that Jim is a coyote shifter is the biggest question of all.
For a fast paced paranormal read that has a very happy ending I highly recommend this one. 

                                Five Shooting Stars

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