Monday, March 13, 2017

Taking Eric Home by LL Brooks

Title: Taking Eric Home
Author: LL Brooks
Publisher: Dark Hallows Press
Genre/ Pairing: M/M/M , erotic romance, Scifi futuristic
Pages: 106
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Living as ambassador and spy took an even more dangerous turn when the king gave Cale a male sex slave to use. The temporary gift isn't because he'd always been open in his sexual preferences. Rumors from a previous mission, branded him a sadistic pervert. Sickened at being expected to torture the man, he assigned himself a more dangerous mission, steal the slave, restore his mind, and when he could communicate again, take home the man he called Eric. Silh, his non-gay assistant he’d hidden his love from for years, volunteered to help. The king sent assassins to kill them and retrieve Eric, the government Cale worked for demanded he take Eric to them for research. With the odds against them, can three men survive the real reason the king demands Eric back and discover if love is gender blind?

Taking Eric Home by author LL Brooks is a heartbreakingly sweet read. I really loved the emotional connection in this book. This story would not work without that. Also this is not a light read. This is a pretty heavy book to read. But well worth it.
Cale he excels in pom and circumstance, pandering, and lying but he also hates all of the above. He is both an ambassador and a spy. Handsome men were he weakness.
He is given a cyborg named Eric. He is attracted to him but he also feels the rage in Eric. Something about the cyborg does not add up. He is not sure freeing him will actually help him. But he cannot stand to see what they are doing to Eric.
Eric has had a ton of trauma. He finds himself falling for both Cale and Selh. But he is not sure how to navigate feelings for men, and the new found freedom he feels with both men. There is much more to Eric's story than meets the eye.
Selh and Cale are telepathic. I loved the level of communication and love these two have. Selh is the more optimistic and loving one. But it will take both of these men to truly set Eric free.
Over all very well done story. Great flow, and super hot read. I loved the connection all men have. There are hints of bdsm in this book but no real props or anything. I am keeping this one of my keeper shelf. Loved it. 

                                      Five Shooting Stars 

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