Monday, March 13, 2017

Shining Star Award: Seth by Lisa Carlisle

Title: Seth
Series: Highland Gargoyles, 5
Author: Lisa Carlisle
Publisher: Self published
Genre/ Pairing: M/F Paranormal
Pages: 271
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Seth, wolf shifter and beta of his island's pack, had his life planned out. He'd mate with the alpha's daughter and eventually they'd rule the pack with her. When she chooses another shifter as her mate, his pride his is wounded and future with the pack is threatened. Lost and betrayed, he sets off to find his destiny - or die trying.

Hailey, a park ranger in the Scottish Highlands, is on a mission to save wolves - including the one she rescues from a watery grave. When she treats the wolf's injury, she's in for the surprise of her life.

Seth knows better than to trust a human - even one as irresistible as curvy, principled Hailey. Before long, he's not just struggling to survive - he's struggling to resist his attraction to Hailey. His wolf promotes a course of action that would change his destiny and put his life in danger. What's a wolf to do when his heart interferes with his pride?

If you like hot men in kilts and fated mates, read the fiery romance between Seth and Hailey.

Seth and Hailey's romance is a wolf shifter story in the Highland Gargoyles series. Each book in the series features a romance between a new couple and can be read on its own, however, they are best enjoyed read in this order:
* Knights of Stone: Mason
* Knights of Stone: Lachlan
* Knights of Stone: Bryce
* Seth

Seth is the fourth book in the Highland Gargoyles series by author Lisa Carlisle. This is my first time reading this series. I will admit there are huge things I am missing and I would like to know, but the main love story can be understood without having read the previous books. Also hot man in a kilt… that had me at hello.
Seth he is a wolf shifter. He is a beta. And when we meet him he is basically doing a self pity pouty thing. His entire life plan has changed and he really does not know how to deal. I do love him when he gets over this stage. He is strong, loving, and really the kind of Alpha male that I can fall in love with. And did I mention … hot man in kilt….just saying in case you forgot.
Hailey finds Seth in wolf form. He is half dead, she nurses him back to health. When he turns into a man, she freaks out some. Well maybe cause he is minus his kilt at this point. But anyways she does get over that. She is a strong character with lots of back bone. She also has a soft side to that makes her very very likeable.
Over all a great read. I want to go back and find out more about Seth's pack and the people there. I also want to know more and see where the next book takes us. 

                              Five Shooting Stars and Shining Star Award


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