Monday, March 13, 2017

Heart in Chains by Elodie Parks

Title: Heart in Chains
Author: Elodie Parks
Publisher: Encompas Ink
Genre/ Pairing: M/M, erotic romance, adventure suspense
Pages: 60
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
When Connor Douglas takes a tropical island holiday, he hopes to leave heartbreak behind. Little does he know the extent of the danger and sexual temptation that awaits him.
Long after Jay Levesque has closed down his operations on the very same tropical island, the memory of Connor haunts him.
Warm nights and scorching looks have someone’s heart in chains.
An Erotic, MM romantic suspense


Heart in Chains by author Elodie Parks has the story of Connor and Jay.
Jay is one of the most unlikely kidnappers around. Capturing the rig was suppose to be easy no one was suppose to be on board. But the sexy Connor was on board. Now Jay has to figure out how to keep him alive. There always seems to be more to Connor than we first see. He is sexy, attractive, and secretive.
Connor is a marine biologist. He is studying sea turtles. He ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time. But strangely attracted to the man that kidnaps him. Connor has been betrayed before. He just never thought he would be kidnapped ever. He is a strong character and very likeable.
Over all a good short story. There is some confusing parts. And some issues with things going to fast. But sometimes short stories do suffer from these issues. Over all a cute love story with much more than meets the eye going on. 

                           Four Twinkling Stars

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