Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chained to the Tiger's Bed by Kelex

Title: Chained to the Tiger's Bed
Author: Kelex
Publisher: Twisted E Publishing
Genre/ Pairing: M/M Paranormal
Pages: 116
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
When Dylan Howell is handed over to a ruthless tiger to pay his father’s business debt, he’s sure his life is over. He won’t be used and abused as a sexual slave to the shifter, no matter how much he craves Jameson Ravensworth’s touch.

Jameson knows the omega lion is his from the minute the male walks into his office. The money means nothing to him, not when something he desires more is offered up to him. What’s ten million to a multi-billionaire, anyway?

Dylan struggles to fend off Jameson and his wicked lusts. The lion soon learns the depths of Jameson’s dark delights as well as senses his own depravity. As his body is tormented, he grows closer to the tiger, but how can he fall in love when he’s owned body and soul?


Chained to the Tiger's Bed by Kelex has history repeating itself. We start out in the 1500's and end up in the present day. In the past Jameson was kidnapped and turned into a tiger against his will. He was thrown out of his family. Left to fend for himself. He turned out to be a very resourceful man and now he is a millionaire CEO. He has the power. The power to make some disappear, the power to own someone. He doesn't want to own anyone but finds himself with a strange and intriguing situation.
Dylan is the youngest son of Xavier. Xavier his father offers up the Omega to pay the debt he owes. So for ten million dollars he is now the property of Jameson. Dylan hates not being in control of his own destiny. He hates that he can be sold off at will. But he also finds he is attracted to Jameson. When Jameson returns those feelings can he resist what they both want so much?
This is a story with a lot of angst, great story telling, and lots of steamy heat. There is rimming, flogging, bondage, spanking, submission, forced seduction, one sexy tiger shifter and a lion Omega with attitude. I really would love to see this one become a series. This is a great start to one. When you want some shifters you will never forget I highly recommend this book. 

                        Five Shooting Stars

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