Thursday, March 9, 2017

Celeste and the Alien Bartender Jessica Coulter Smith

Title: Celeste and the Alien Bartender
Series: Intergalactic Brides, 8
Author: Jessica Coulter Smith
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre and Pairing: Sci-fi and M/F
Page Count: 100 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Zanar has made himself a home on Earth, where he owns Stardust Bar, popular with both aliens and humans. There's only one thing missing from Zanar 's life. Despite his best efforts to impress the human females he meets, he's still without a mate. At the age of twenty-six, it isn't dire for him to pair off and start a family just yet, but he's lonely and ready to settle down. The last thing he expects is for Celeste to come into his life and turn it upside down.
Celeste is back on Earth, after having been abducted by an alien race five years ago. She's spent those years as a slave on the planet Vaaden, where she had a precious daughter with her owner, Pynder. But when Pynder dies suddenly, his parents swoop in and snatch Sophie from Celeste's arms before banishing her from their world. Celeste will do anything to get her daughter back, but falling in love with a bartender -- or anyone else -- was never part of the plan.

Celeste has gotten used to being a sex slave. She has her daughter and her owner doesn’t abuse her so she can deal. That is until her owner dies and his parents whisk her back to Earth, without her daughter. Can Celeste survive the changes on Earth and move on without her child?
Celeste and the Alien Bartender is eighth in Jessica Coulter Smith’s Intergalactic Brides series. It can be read as a standalone. I loved Celeste. She was dealt a raw deal but she managed the best she could. And unexpectedly meeting Zanar was just the icing on the cake. Zanar was ready to settle down. He was ready for a mate. He was ready to begin building a family. And with Celeste he could have all of that. I love his patience with Celeste. He was playing a long game and willing to do whatever was necessary to see Celeste smile. I loved hat their courtship was slow and steady. Both Celeste and Zanar were developing feelings that grew from a budding friendship. Zanar was willing to listen to and respect Celeste’s fears. Ms. Smith understood that even under the worst circumstances love could blossom. She gave us a story that focused on a friendship that morphed into more. This is a quick read but it is in no way rushed. I thoroughly enjoyed the slow courtship between Zanar and Celeste and want to read more from this author.

                              Five Shooting Stars

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