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Blue Bear by Sable Sylvan

Title: Blue Bear
Series: Seattle’s Billionaire Bears, 2
Author: Sable Sylvan
Publisher: Sable Sylvan
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 185 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Curvy college intern Poppy Beaton was in Seattle for one reason and one reason only: for an internship at the Asher Lumber Company that could make or break her career. She was willing to do anything for her job, from going on coffee runs and making faxes to staying late and working weekends, but the last thing she thought she’d have to do was spend a week in Port Jameson with the notorious bear shifter Charles Dixon on a sales call that would have her questioning just how important her career really was…compared to finding true love in the most unexpected of places, with the most unexpected of people. After all, the girls around the office call Charles Dixon “Blue Bear” and “Bluebeard” for more than just his naturally navy locks and his ability to turn into a giant four-legged predator: he’s a playboy who has a new woman on his arm every week, and Poppy’s not about to become a notch on his bedpost…that is, if she can resist his charms…

Womanizing werebear billionaire Charles Dixon, head of the Asher Lumber Company’s regional sales branch, had the dangerous combination of well-earned cockiness and a tall, hard, strong body that would be hard for any hot-blooded woman to resist. Able to keep a cool head under pressure, he’d managed to get where he was in the business world with a combination of charm and intellect, although his family connections had helped too. The only thing he didn’t have? His fated mate, but from the moment he set his eyes on sassy human Poppy, he knew he had to have her…and when he heard her name for the first time, he knew he might have what he’d been looking for so long, finally within arm’s reach…

Down in Port Jameson, Oregon, away from the hustle and bustle of Seattle, they each see a different side of each other that makes the animal magnetism between the two hard to deny, and even harder to resist. In the Asher-Dixon manor, things get hot and heavy, and even at their business meetings, there’s an electric tension between the two that they each try (and fail) to temper…but when Poppy’s life is in danger, will she trust Charles to save her? More importantly…will she let him be her prince in shining armor?

She’s a workaholic whose story isn’t like that of the interns surrounding her. He’s a billionaire bear with a mysterious past, and even more mysterious future. There’s no frikkin’ way they’re supposed to be together, and they know it…so why is the chemistry between the pair absolutely unbearable?

If you love sassy BBWs and bear shifters are what you live for, sexy billionaires are what you dream of, and fated mates are your obsession, check out Blue Bear! This book is a standalone full-length, part of Seattle's Billionaire Bears, a series of remixed fairy tales set in Port Jameson, featuring the Dixon Clan.

Charles has a playboy reputation and Poppy wants no part of it. But when she is assigned to travel and shadow Charles she sees the man behind the reputation. But can Poppy believe in what she sees before it is too late?
Blue Bear by Sable Sylvan is second in the Seattle’s Billionaire Bears series. Charles is hunting for his mate and thinks Poppy may be the one, but can he convince her to see the man he is? Poppy is determined to complete her education and grab for her future. Dating her boss is not in the cards until she sees the man beneath the bluster. I enjoyed seeing Charles woo Poppy. Poppy isn’t sure what to expect but she likes what she sees in Charles, even if he spends too much money. Ms. Sylvan shows a woman who is not quite comfortable with where her life is headed but is willing to see where it leads. Charles has opened her eyes to qualities in a man that rev her libido as well as pull at her emotions but trusting what she sees is hard for her. Charles also needs to learn trust as he struggles with his sense of self-worth in a family in which he is loved but different. His has secrets and his secrets have secrets and Ms. Sylvan shows us and him that in order to gain the future he wants he must let Poppy in. I loved seeing Poppy and Charles find not only common ground but trust even as the chemistry between them exploded. I loved that intimacy was much slower in coming which I appreciated. This story by Ms. Sylvan is a quick read but well written. I look forward to returning to this world she has crafted.
                          Five Shooting Stars

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