Friday, March 10, 2017

Blood Moon by Alicia Montgomery

Title: Blood Moon
Series: True Mates, 2
Author: Alicia Montgomery
Publisher: Alicia Montgomery
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 217 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Despite growing up in the world of the New York Lycan clan, Cady Gray still feels like an outsider looking in. She’s built walls around her, to protect herself and the clan, harboring a deep secret from her past that threatens her future. The clan’s sexy Beta shifter has always intrigued her, but he’s kept his distance, that is, until one innocent dance.

Nick Vrost has wanted Cady for years, but kept his own desires at bay for the sake of the clan and his family. As second-in-command of the New York clan and heir to the Vrost fortune, it was his duty to marry a suitable high-ranking Lycan female and produce a child to carry on the line. After ignoring Cady for years, one touch ignites something he can no longer control and he may have to choose between family obligation and his long-simmering desire for the quiet beauty.

When a near-catastrophic event forces them to confront their attraction, they find that one night simply isn’t enough. However, the New York clan is facing its biggest challenge yet and incidents attacking Lycans in the city are increasing. Cady’s life is put in danger, but evidence begins to link her to the attacks. But, who is behind all these threats and will the Lycans survive?

Cady has been a human surrounded by Lycans her entire life. She has hidden her feelings for Nick, even from herself, with work, work and more work. But when her past comes back to haunt her will the Lycans have her back?
In Blood Moon, the second installment in Alicia Montgomery’s True Mates series, Nick and Cady’s distant and somewhat frosty relationship heats up. I love the dichotomy of Cady as she is warm and distant simultaneously. She is friendly and quite competent but she is stiff, especially with Nick. And he is equally stiff, with everyone. But when they touch and sparks fly, I love the intimacy that seems to spring from nowhere. Ms. Montgomery gives us a woman with secrets in Cady. And Cady doesn’t want to lose what she has so she fights to keep her life and her friends. In spite of her need to keep her secrets, she can’t stay from Nick, the Beta, which I think is great. I love seeing both Nick and Cady fight their mutual attraction. This story is well written. And I think best read in chronological order. I loved that Ms. Montgomery gave us strong characters and a wonderful storyline. I am looking forward to seeing more in this world she has crafted.

                               Five Shooting Stars

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