Monday, March 13, 2017

Alexa by Ashlynn Monroe

Title: Alexa
Series Married to the Aliens, 1
Author: Ashlynn Monroe
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre/ Pairing: M/F/M
Pages: 53
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Alexa's family lost everything during the technology bust that left Earth dependant on the Xerrians. Her only remaining commodity -- a rare blood antigen that makes her capable of bearing an alien child.

If she wants to save her little sister Sofia from a life of poverty, Alexa has little choice but to enter the Alien Brides program. She's offered the chance to marry a pair of wealthy aliens, who agree to pay Sofia's way into a good school and a better future.

Alexa finds herself on a trip out-of-this-world and into the bed of two very alpha males. Will they recognize just how priceless her soul is, or will she be nothing more than a sex slave?


Married to the Aliens starts off with Alexa by Ashlynn Monroe. I am gonna say this story should have been longer. Then some of the rushed details would have actually made sense. There is a flash back scene of sorts in chapter two that was totally confusing till I figured out what was going on. Just was weird. I liked the story itself for the most part. I feel though it should have been much much longer to make sense.
Alexa has the ability to have an alien child. She enters the Alien Bride program to protect her family. Earth does not have a ton to offer any more. So this program is her last resort to have her family have something. Her mom had been killed and she is in charge of her sister. She steals stuff to makes ends meet but the Earth can barely sustain life now.
Rexxon and Tavvor are warriors. They want a wife and Alexa is a match for them. Rexxon is the more reasonable of the two. While Travvor is sweet and laid back.
Over all good premise, but needed to be longer for this story to be spectacular. I would read more from this series. I think once it gets some steam up this series would be really good. 

                                 Four Twinkling Stars

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