Friday, March 10, 2017

A Sacred Vow by Willa Thorn

Title: A Sacred Vow
Author: Willa Thorn
Publisher: Willa Thorn
Genre/ Pairing: M/F, Paranormal
Pages: 247
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
I swore a solemn oath that saw to the end of the Cormacs, a family of hunters that persistently sought to rid my coven’s existence.

For years we have lived in the shadows, free from hunters and the weapons of wood that could destroy us.

But the familiar scent of Cormac blood is awakening my senses. We were certain that we had ended the bloodline. Now, the vow I swore plagues my mind. The guilt I harbour buries deep. The desire and lust burns.

My pledge to my family is now a promise to protect the woman I love.
Aurelia Galligan is a descendant of the Cormac bloodline. I should drain her. I have to destroy her. But she may just end me.

**This is a forbidden romance between the hunter and the hunted. It features smoldering vampires and no cliffhangers. The content is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.*


A Sacred Vow by Willa Thorn is a fast paced read. This is my first time reading this author at all, and I really enjoyed the style and pace of this book a lot. I also like the strength of the characters in this book. They are likable and fun to watch unfold.
Lia has a birth mark on her shoulder. She is really self conscious about it. I. She never knew her mom. Her father left when she was two. She only has her brother. Lia is really a loving person. She knows nothing of her family's past. So she has no idea what that birth mark really means. But she soon will.
Julian thought he had killed the last of the Cormac Hunters. That is till he finds the beautiful and sweet Lia. She has the family's tell tale birth mark. The more he gets to know Lia the more he wants her for himself. But will his need for vengeance over come his desire to love?
Over all this is a great read. I loved the story itself. I want more. I would love if this were a series. I would be wanting the next book. There is a lot of story inside this book so not necessarily a quick read, but not a heavy read either. I devoured this one and want more! 
                       Five Shooting Stars


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